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  • This Week on C9: Charles Torre on camera, C9 turns 5, and lots of freebies

    Wow man, the interview with Charles is awesome.

    Congratz guys. You guys have done an excellent job.
  • This Week on C9: April Fools Day, open source MVC, ExceLINQ, and cool Silverlight apps

    TWonC9 MVP?

    Hell yeah! Smiley

    Good show as always 
  • 10-4 Episode 9: Visual Basic 10

    Good point. XML literals was a very good feature which I certainly hadn't seen before.
  • 10-4 Episode 9: Visual Basic 10


    But when will VB start to innovate? We have seen all this before in Ruby, for instance.
  • Ping: Episode 1

    I wonder how much money I have to throw at Charles for banning you. Perplexed
  • Ping: Episode 1

    Charles, I'm still wondering exactly what audience you are trying to address. Where are you trying to take C9?
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    How about hell? That seems more appropriate. 

    Don't be fooled by the fact I'm very explicit in my opinion. Trying to sugar coat just doesn't help anybody.

    I don't like hurting anybodies feelings or saying that I didn't like something. I'm just honest. 
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    Casual conversation with developers at microsoft. It seems to be what you are trying to do, only on a slightly different level.

    C9 has always been about exposing the average joe inside microsoft. Robert Hess and Co. tried to do that with "Behind the Code", only that it was not really all that casual at all. It was waaay too formal.

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    Here is what the dictionary says about integritythe quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness the state of being whole and undivided 
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    Well Max. Here's the thing.

    When I surf on the internet, I try to make it easier for myself to navigate the information. There's a lot of stuff which I don't watch on C9. Mostly the more marketing-like stuff that does tend to happen once in a while. Going deep and the like I love.

    Niche sites are really popular for a reason. The user can find what it wants. What happens when said site sells out? Users flee.

    We have a site for students, a site for developers and a site for consumers. It seems like you are trying to find a middle-ground for all this. 

    What about trying to move this to C10? I think you are trying to feed 
    to developers
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    But isn't that the whole point of a pilot? The post even asks for constructive criticism. Am I then supposed to sit back and watch a bad idea falling to the ground and compromise the integrity of C9 as a developer community? I don't think so.

    You know, I have often pitched C9 when at conferences. What do you think the major selling point is? The fact it's JUST developer content.

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    Funny you should mention you wanting to do different kind of music while I was writing up my post.

    Case in point, eh?