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Charles Charles Welcome Change
  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

    I am having a great time. The Taj Mahal was amazing.... I'm not comfortable posing for pictures. It's just weird to me and sometimes I look uncomfortable, as is the case here. Oh yeah, and it was really hot and humid too...

    Really enjoying India,
  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

    j0217995 wrote:
    So is Jeff short or is Charles just that much taller?

    Yes, Charles is taller than Jeff, but Jeff is not short.
  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

    I'm in India too... Yes, the video was posted the same day I recorded it...

    Lots more to come, but not as quick...


  • Erik Meijer: Democratizing the Cloud

    Minh wrote:
    Dynamic languages is a great topic, so, just a gripe ...

    If you're gonna title a video "Democratizing the Cloud" .... you should really talk about democratizing the cloud.

    We do... But, yeah, perhaps we could have spent more time explicitly addressing the work his incubation team is currently doing....
  • Reskin Your Application with the KevinButton

    ali_raza_shaikh wrote:
    Nice Video

    Still tagged as AVALON , What has happened to the WPF Tag, or we are going to have a new name

    WPF tag added. Avalon tag will be obsoleted...
  • Shankar Vaidyanathan - VC++ IDE: Past, Present and Future

    VC++ 2005 is the latest and greatest incarnation of VC++... It does not require C++ developers to write CLI-based code, however it makes it a hell of of lot more logical and easy to do should your aplication require interoperation with managed libraries, which will most likely increase with future iterations of Windows...

    Managed code is not a fad, it's the future, but umanaged code will not go away and will continue to play an important role in application development for the forseeable future...

    It's all about using the right tools to get your job done. Sometimes you may need both managed and unmanaged in your application. VC++ 2005 makes it easy to do so. It does not in any way require that you do so. I hope this is clear.



  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    zokbari wrote:

    Cool. Incredible.

    Anyway, recorded audio quality is too bad.
    plz take more clear voice later. Charles.

    There was wind blowing into the mic from an open Window. Next time, we will just close the Window.
  • Microsoft Platform Vision in the Post Bill Era: Meet Craig Mundie

    pierreleclercq wrote:
    A question for Chaz,

    is it possible to upload images for the posts?

    Nope. You need to ad img tags and point to external image sources.
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Mapping the sky is something that is being done today, with images. There will of course be a default perspective, the Earth...
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.


    you are missing an important ingredient in both your understanding of astronomical digital photos and PhotoSynth...

    As of today, there are millions of photos in various databses of astronomical objects. So, let's say there are 10,000 images of Galaxy X taken at different times from different angles from different telescopes or the same telescope (like Hubble). This is very much in the realm of PhotoSynth compositional requirements: they are digital images of the same object taken from different points of view at different times. Consider the examples in the video...