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Charles Charles Welcome Change
  • Route 64 - Kang Su Gatlin talks about 64-bit

    Ask away, Sparky. Kang's around.

    We don't have the bandwidth to ask for user questions before every interview.

  • Gordon Bell - What did Gordon miss?

    Gotta love this:

    The top of the line C90 boasted a whopping 1 gig of ram. I have double that in each of my dual proc Xeon boxes and they live under my desk. C
  • Jim Gray - A talk with THE SQL Guru and Architect


    I agree with your assessment re operating systems. Most operating systems are similar because they are tasked at the most fundamental level to do the same basic things: make it possible for software to exploit hardware. As Jim most concisely mentioned an operating system is really just a virtualizer. Now, this doesn't mean that an OS can't be built with massive parallelism and distribution in mind as well as the ability to take better care of itself (read homeostatic). Maybe we should encourage Jim to think seriously about targeting his creativity and intellect on the future of operating systems in the connected world. Smiley

  • Jim Gray - A talk with THE SQL Guru and Architect

    Glad you all liked this! It was great listening to Jim talk.

    RE: PR - Yes. Our stuff is PR-reviewed, but, as you can tell, they seldom make us cut things out, which is really impressive...

  • The CLR Compiler Geek Roundtable

    You'll see more customer/MS people interaction videos on C9 in the future.

    Glad you liked it!

  • Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed

    rhm wrote:
    Of course it's possible for the CLR to run any language at some level as it is a turing-complete machine even in verifyable mode. 

  • Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed

    I can't talk about "Mono" but I can talk about the fact that Whidbey enables the emitting of pure IL from MC++ compilation...

  • Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed

    Nope. They made it possible to take existing PHP code (minus the unmanaged extensions, of course) and compile it to IL. The resulting code is Jitted and run on the managed heap. And it runs faster than the interpreted original. Why? Cuz it's compiled not interpeted.

    Check out their site and ask them questions and give them feedback!

    EDIT: From the authors' site:

    Our integration introduces the PHP language into the VS.NET in a specific project type supporting syntax highlighting and compilation. PHP files are compiled to .NET Framework executables and can be executed and even traced from the VS.NET environment using the generated debug information.

    To make script development and debugging more comfortable, the IntelliSense support for PHP projects and direct PHP variable insight may be added in future versions but this is not a priority for the current project. The VS.NET integration is rather some kind of add-on to the Phalanger.

  • Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed

    Compiling it to managed means that you can interoperate with other managed languages really naturally. So, you can take a PHP project and add new "modules" to it that you write in, say, C#, then import the C# dll into your Phalanger project, and compile.

    So, it's more than just performance (not to mention security), but, you are right, it was kind of a "let's see if we can do this" kind of thing (which many school projects are, initially) and they did! Smart kids (well, they look like kids to me).


  • Mark Boulter - talking about Smart Clients and Windows Forms, Part II

    dantheman82 wrote:

    These videos required editing, I think.  He had 15-20 min. of material...

    Agreed. We will do a better job of editing where appropriate. In general, too much editing decreases the raw and honest realness that is becoming our trademark style. In other words, we want you to feel like the interview is happening while you watch it; live, but not live. Just real.

    dantheman82 wrote:

    A smart client needs to have a smart element which has learning or hides unimportant data from the user or does something useful like that.  It can really be done in any language (unmanaged or managed), and it ultimately has to be useful.

    Yes, I for one think that if an application has no facility for understanding my typical behaviors (associated with the specific application's functionality and my needs) and no capability for behavioral prediction of user actions, then the application is not very smart. Asynchronously detecting network connection state, checking remote data stores/email servers, synchronizing offline data caches, etc are not particularly smart actions, but they are certainly very useful. MSR is working on some very interesting applications that implement machine learning and AI, which in my assessment can legitimately be coined "Smart".