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Charles Charles Welcome Change
  • new info around Midori team

    @felix9: Autobahn sounds quite intriguing. Galen, of Singularity and Drawbridge fame, is awesome. David is a monster engineer. Very cool.  

    Hopefully, C9 will get a chance to dig into what they're doing, once they make some progress worth sharing publicly.

    (hint hint, Lightbulb)


  • Windows Store app won't certify, trying to debug the dump

     Why don't you use windbg? Did you read the article you pointed to? :)


  • Hololens ideas.

    If you build it, they will come.

    Did you hear that?


    Make it happen by making it happen, man.

    (Channeling Jamie :) Jamie! How are you?)


  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    We love you, felix!


  • HoloLens

    @magicalclick: Well, designing experience is the business of solving actual problems that people face in some meaningful context (holographic experiences for managing air conditioning controllers (Nest, even), seems like a solution looking for a problem. You can already talk to your thermostats and refrigerators. That said, holographic communication is now a realistic input model).

  • HoloLens

    @brian.shapiro: Meaning no need for peripheral device attached to head? That's been around for awhile, and this includes an input model, but this is far from the HoloLens capabilities of accurately sensing the analog in multiple contexts, controlling holograms, sharing the physical experience with other analog systems.

    I guess you could conceivably build HoloLens capability into a table computing device (or some other physical construction, like a room...) with cameras and Kinect-like sensors, CPU, GPU, HPU, RAM, SSD, projectors, and Windows 10.

  • HoloLens

    @magicalclick: step away from the computer, get some fresh air, man :)

    This is all about analog experience, where digital construction drives the human centered side effects. Alex Kipman says it all in his Wired interview: "...the analog universe has a fundamentally different rule set." 

    Alex would be a great C9 guest. Lightbulb?


  • Just another "thank god it's a Nokia" moment

    I have a video I shot with a 920, held close to an evolving pattern of red hot coals one Summer evening last year. I should post it. (That said, given that I was doing such a thing, state of mind should be taken into consideration when watching...). Needless to say, the phone was fine. We use it today in our device lab :)


  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    Software developers will not be automated away anytime soon...

    These types of tools aren't new and their purpose is not to replace developers, but rather to empower non-developers with the ability to make software themselves in a relatively narrow domain....

    If anything, we need more developers in the world, not less. Given the amount of problems there are and will be that need to be solved with software (by digital craftspeople who can design and build material solutions from abstraction), simple UI-based app construction tools are a teardrop in the ocean of complexity we face...

    Keep learning, keep hacking, keep thinking.


  • Which smartphone with good camera allows to take photos without unlocking the phone and Quickly?

    @blowdart: :)