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  • Mike Barnett - Getting started with Code Contracts in Visual Studio 2008

    Awesome to say the least!!

    Ensuring that your class is in a correct state would extremely cut back on how often you have to validate your code.

    I'm going to start using this right away.

    Does anyone know if I can use this with Windows Mobile development in Visual Studio?
  • Joe Fletcher – Touch and Gesture Computing

    I loved this video and I will definetly attend this session at MIX.

    I hope you guys release some API for Windows Mobile and touch.
    And I'm really excited to see a Surface computer because I've never seen one in real life.

    At the session could you talk more about some of the programming aspects of touch. For example, how do you record a motion? It would be awesome if you could set up an event handler to fire if the user performed a certain finger gesture. Have in Visual Studio a gesture creator to capture a gesture the developer draws and then setup an event handler (this all is wishful thinking).