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  • Join the celebration at TechEd 2013!

    I am likewise a little disappointed about the party.  Of course - not many options for a large crowd event in New Orleans. A agree with previous post - maybe a big headliner or something would have made it more interesting.  

    Last year - Orlando - Islands of Adventure ROCKED!!!  Microsoft was first class all the way - everything was free, park was limited to Microsoft attendee's - well done!

    So - we'll have a great conference - learn lots of stuff and make great connections. However - kicking footballs and watching people get drunk because of nothing else interesting to do - probably means an early flight home on Thursday.

    Maybe next year things will be back on track Smiley

  • Business Intelligence #01b: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Tools and Sample Databases

    This is great information.  Would you be able to share the samples you built up in the videos - as to follow allong with your videos and learn from the work.

    Great videos - thanks again...

    My direct email is