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Chris Jackson Chris Jackson

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Chris Jackson is the technical lead for the Windows Application Experience SWAT team. He has worked with enterprise customers around the world to help them investigate and mitigate application compatibility issues, as well as providing instructional training about Windows application compatibility for numerous industry events. Chris has been a software developer for over 10 years, with n of them spent with Microsoft. His certifications include MCP, MCAD, and MCSD, and he was formerly a Microsoft...


  • Application ​Compatibili​ty - Debugging

    I've never had a more fun job in my life. But it can be frustrating. Particularly on problems that take you a couple of days to sort out. But it sure feels awesome when you finally solve them!

    What's really crazy are the folks who have done this so long that they just dump hex to the screen, look at it as if it were The Matrix code, and proclaim what the problem is. Scary. I at least need assembler, and I sure prefer symbols.

    I hear the AEBIT team is looking for a few amazing debuggers, Jason...