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  • Home Automation with Visual Studio Express

    alwaysmc2 wrote:

    Awesome!  I was excited about the X10 stuff on Coding4Fun a while back, but ended up not buying any hardware because there were no local vendors.  I would be willing to buy the Z-Wave hardware, especially if it is backed by a Microsoft SDK.

    When will it be available?

    alwaysmc2: the Z-Wave gear is available now through, or your local Fry's or Lowe's Home Improvement store.  The kit in the video is the Intermatic HA102M, which is from Intermatic's Home Settings product line.

    If you're looking to pick up the Z-Wave PC SDK for .NET and a Z-Wave USB stick, you can get that at

    Just think of all the cool things you can do in your own home...