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  • Jim Thill and James Clarke: ​Understandi​ng Expression Encoder

    Wow i love this new encoder, this is like windows media encoder on steroids to the next generation... But what i REALLY REALLY wanna see is a demo of say a news feed with tickers and stuff all from a live feed with or something feeding the xaml information, you know live video with a swap out to prerecorded and then back allt he time with tickers and watermarks Smiley
  • Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

    i love the x360's mcx ... but i want to know somehting

    WHERE THE HECK IS MY channel9 plugin for streaming to my mce and mcx???? i want to watch some C9 TV at night Sad

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Ok i guess what i want to know is did they get to go through with the optimizations to improve overall throughput? I remember there was talk of Intellectual property issues that might have stopped them from doing it but what has been done to improve performance over the winsock / tcp stacks?
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    its basedof 2k3 sp1 code after the latest rewrite...

    c9... can u guys get a interview with the team in charge of the new winsock... in the groups (thehive and on other sites i talk to techs) theres alot of confusion over the new tcp stack and winsock....

    there was discussion previously of rewrites of the new tcp stack so that it wouldnt do the cutting packets in half every failure and stuff like that to take better advantage of broadband connections but after a slight mention of it atleast a year ago no real communication has been done with the winsock team... i'd really like to see a light meeting with whoevers incharge of the winsock development.... i mean you did kernel and now vista general why not winsock?

  • PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 1

    LMAO you guys rock! HAHAHA i cant believe u guys actually have a channel9 dude built...

    suggestion for future episodes.... since microsoft and mtv have such a good lil relationship get the insult dog on an episode Big Smile
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    Ya i want a longhorn loves rss t-shirt too Big Smile Btw i'm keeping track of all the articles and pictures currently that i find on my blog as well in this article incase anyone missed some

  • Chad Royal - the wall of Visual Studio customers

    It's funny i find my self watching these videos and thinking the unthinkable. I mean really everyone so far that has been video'd by channel9 is so down to earth and well just another person like that i would meet next door. I grew up with the mindset that i'd never get to work in a company that i wanted like MS, IBM, Cisco etc. Due to well.. primarily the fact i've been shuffled from school to school since i was 6, and really had an impact on my resume Smiley Now im stuck in the caribbean and i'm desperatly trying to find time just to get some little accrediation from a distance education school so i can get some sort of certificate because i feel when i move back to the US its going to be a fruitless endeavour. But after watching the interviews with the recruiters and just listening to the MS staff talk it seems that maybe with a little work it just might be possible.

    It's good to see that, i know paperwork helps alot but its nice to see that drive, and experience and personality play some aspect to this.

    I know you may think this should be more posted on that recruiters video topic but really it reflects on this because this video shows that microsoft really isnt the big corporate evil dictator that some blogs and company's try to pass it off as. I mean here's a MS employee no he isnt some new recruit he's actively working but yet he has the time and state of mind to be grounded and remember he has to interact with these simple people out in the world using his teams products.
  • Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

    That post about the menu system is really not exactly a good way of looking at it. The menu is the exact same as people know and use in the media center with some intuitive ways of getting to songs and tracks etc which is alot more effective than a long tree menu etc such as well lets see... Every other non PMC device?

    As for being smart THE DEVICE doesnt need to be smart thats what the "smart playlists" are for, i have seen it in use and works well i mean it takes work but all good things do i mean if i set up my priority's correct in the auto table and add things like "Newest Music" "My highest rated music" and highest rated videos etc then in essence my entire PMC is getting exactly what i like. If i get a new video and god forbid i take the 1.2 seconds it takes to click the stars to say i really like it 5 stars then its gonna be on my device waiting for me the next time i sync up. I find that to be EXTREMELY intuitive.

    Now i hate to say it but we're working with Media here it cant be like the windows start menu, why you ask? Because its MEDIA, what do you want it to have 1 link to 1 song because i decided i wanted to listen to it on repeat 20 times and its the only thing  i listened to for 2 days? Umm no i want the device to have the most important things that i find relivant (the smart playlist synced) What are you planning on doing syncing songs you dont like? Or videos you dont want to watch? I couldnt imagine sitting there trying to find a video that i havent watched in a week or so and have to expand menu's just to find it because i havent watched it yet.

    Its not a shortcut to a program i dont use often its a media platform displaying the music and videos etc that i want.

    As for the comment on the device saving battery power while playing mp3's etc it does power the display off or were you not paying attention when he had to keep hitting the arrow key to wake the screen up. In fact it seems the display is quite smart in turning off itself (except when its trying to get filmed then it gets shy and turns off at awkward moments Smiley)

    Also i hate to admit it but its a 1.0 device pmc isnt even really out in full swing yet i'll probably wait till next year t o buy one when the prices fall and we get more refined v.2 stuff Smiley But then again im so attracted to the darn thing i want one now Big Smile

    Someone mentioned that they had the samsung one it looks light but it looks.... large like it wouldnt even fit in a pocket is that true or is it a falsehood of my screen lol... As for the creative looks heavy but sturdy like a sony psp Big Smile
  • Rich Davies - Inside the SPOT watch team

    I don't like how there running this spot network, i live in the caribbean and i have a buddy that owns local FM radio stations and my family owns the local ISP but even after contacting microsoft no one could give me a straight answer on how to get local SPOT coverage i mean what more can we do we have our own infrastructures we just need the fm->internet part i mean HELLOOOOO OUT THERE how do we get SPOT
  • Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

    Oh where to start! I love the entire idea of these things but theres a few things that will stop me from buying them.

    A. It's $500! I'm living on my own and studying and working i cant afford that much for a really nice toy Smiley But oh well guess ill have to save up for it. This is alot like the tabletpc's they all cuss that the units are selling... well hate to say it but it could be because you cant get one for anywhere near 1000$ which is what most people i know are looking for effective portables at really good prices with the economy as weird as it is these days.

    B. I have heard from some reviewers the device just seems a tad too large, just large enough not to fit confortable in your pocket but i guess thats the designers fault. That creative unit seems to be the nicest one that i have seen for portability but that ... umm i think it was samsung one looks too much like a little tv i cant see people walking around or sitting at the airport with it.

    C. I've heard the screen is really crisp on that creative, but just wish it was 4" Wink LOL I know its nitpicking.

    Hopefully someday we'll see a tv encoder built in to one of these can you imagine that plug it into the tv set to record and walla your done. Who knows maybe slide in a SD card with some pictures on it and it saves them to the device, Can you imagine that the device usable even without a PC Smiley

    Wow i just noticed Im first reviewer for once!
  • Joe Stegman - Developing rich user interfaces with Windows Forms

    I think us channel9 boyz should all get access to the vs2005 betaplace Smiley

  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    Hmmm well i guess there might be a chance in all hell, maybe i should post in here alot to get people to see my name before i move back to the US Smiley It's just hard to really picture someone wanting me to work at Microsoft, i hate hearing people shoot down MS mainly because one of my biggest goals is to get into a good job with microsoft in the long range. I figure posting in forums and stuff and testing software is great but to have Microsoft Employee on my card would really be nice.

    Would be nice to know its not a pipe dream though.

    Maybe Zoe or Gretchen can get me in the door when i get back Wink