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ChrisChance ChrisChance ;)
  • Vista Beta 2 Public Released

    Vista coulda broken the internet... read here

  • Please help me :( im so stuck

    well heres the issue when i did the code exactly the same i was forced to put mustinherits... because when pasting direct from devx i got errors that a bunch of stuff was "mustoverride" and to add mustinherit or to correct.... devx said supposedly when you inherit the classes that it was supposed to create all the needed overrides for me but it didnt.... what to do?

    EDIT: I got it working by using the sample provider from msdn... very hard to find actually. someone really needs to inform devx that there tutorial isnt working at all.

  • Please help me :( im so stuck

    i am trying to use a mdb as my membership database, im following the devx tutorial but it doesnt work Sad

    heres what i have so far

    web.config http://pastebin.ru/792 
    the class http://pastebin.ru/793
    the error http://pastebin.ru/794

    please please help asap i cant figure this out and been stuck for 2 days

  • Jim Allchin Rocks!

    Wow, seriously maybe there should be an alchin theme for longhorn Smiley He rockin ... but as a microsoft exec couldn't he have done wmv lossless Sad

    "I can't listen wma-format. Can you convert it to OGG Vorbis so everyone can listen them.. ?"-----

    Since when is ogg vorbis the format "everyone can listen to" I mean really, i don't have an ogg vorbis codec installed, last i knew the only fully supported universal format is mp3 Tongue Out

  • wmp mini window?

    hell ya its annoying... god forbid that be resizeable to fill the corner of my screen.. and wow maybe MS get NBC or CBS to do some live msntv streaming commercials in all even.

  • Ok whats up with this in vb.net april

    ok im sittin here trying to add a database/dataset to the source view... i get into the dataset.xsd i right click the table click configure (yes there is a primary key set) all the check marks are on and i click next select to generate everything (all 3 checkmarks) click next and it says generating all the stuff but it doesnt say generating delete or modify code and when i click the adapter the modify and insert are not created whats up with this?

  • wmp mini window?

    Has anyone wondered why the little window for the toolbar (minimized to taskbar) video window is not resizeable thats maybe the most annoying thing ever its just slightly too small i mean really on my 1280res i really wish it was like 2x the size but i cant resize... why doesnt microsoft have a suggestion wiki for stuff like this for wmp11 or a wmp10.1 or something this is nuts.

  • xbox360 sneak in?

    i didnt mean sneak in like that lol i meant as in a sneak peak at what the lab looks like and some of the people working on it and there 2 cents about there  job etc.. that is kinda what c9 is about but no xbox stuff from c9 yet... i mean even maybe ask if they can demo the xna platform... we've never really seen an inside look at what the microsoft game dev platform looks like... and with all the e3 hubbub it would be kewl to see microsofts side of it (beyond the pretty staged ourcolony stuff lol

  • xbox360 sneak in?

    How come our guys at channel9 havent snuck into the xbox360 lab for some insider footage?

    Considering its been posted that there might be the ability to upgrade the xbox at later dates with BR or HD drives from DVD and also that there are some things that might be getting added or changed before release in november... how bout some popped questions while in the interview Smiley      

  • Gates Interview? When?

    Might also wanna throw in a question about microsofts stand on google. i mean first google desktop... and a million other little apps... gmail > hotmail... there desktop search app.... now webaccelerator for IE.... there were talks of a browser and from what i've heard there have some major R&D people moving to google.