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  • UAC - What. How. Why.


    Having a set of deployment exe's is clearly a reason to look for an alternate deployment technology.  Unfortunately, we don't offer any particular recommendation for a 3rd party solution.

    With respect to elevation through GP, there is no way to use Group Policy to elevate a certain set of executables.  However, in Windows Vista we worked to ensure that our installer technologies such as MSI and ActiveX had this ability.  To accomplish this we introduced the ActiveX Installer Service and, if you're interested, you can check out a demo here:

    Thanks for the post!

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Hello.  I’m the other UAC team member from the video.

    David62277: I can understand your concerns around deployment to Standard Users, in fact, whenever I give a talk about moving an environment to Standard User desktops this is the first issue I mention.  Fortunately, there is a solution built into Windows – it’s called Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI).

    There is documentation about GPSI available here:

    GPSI allows an IT Pro to install products on a system by pushing them directly onto the machine, by allowing the users to initiate the installation of specified MSIs, or by automatically installing the products when necessary.  This technology also includes facilities for updating the applications without needing to visit each machine.

    There are reasons that GPSI may not be perfect for your environment.  In those cases, our customers generally acquire a 3rd party product to help solve this problem.  While we understand that this isn’t optimal, the cost of these products generally are covered by the reduction of the TCO of the environment.

    That’s a very good question.  Thanks!