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  • Eric Deily - IIS 7 preview

    When you install SP2 you get the ServicePackFiles in your Windows folder. Depending on your computer setup you may also have an I386 folder there, too. When you install IIS it will try for the I386 folder and if that fails it will ask for your CD. If you patch your I386 (using the -s command line) you're all set, otherwise (and someone correct me if I'm wrong here) Windows will combine the CD's I386 folder with the ServicePackFiles folder to give you the SP2 version of IIS.
  • Amanda Silver - Talking about Mort

    I'll grant that there was a big learning curve jumping from VB6 to .Net. But for those that haven't jumped yet because they're "missing that magic of VB6" they'll hopefully be happy with .Net 2. The biggest thing for me is the background worker thread object, quite possibly my favorite addition to the framework/language.

    But also you can still use tons of old VB6 code. "Dim RS as New ADODB.RecordSet" still works if you add a reference to the ADO library (just as in VB). CInt, CDbl, CBool are all there. Sure, we lost control arrays, but we gained so much. There's tons of power available now, you don't need to use it if you don't want to, but its still there.
  • Office Communicator

    fooby wrote:
    How is the Live Comms Server actually connected to the PBX?

    Same question here. I assume you guys don't have your individual phones connected to your desktop computer directly since most modern desktop machines only have modems available as extras add-ons. So does the PBX actually take the phone off the hook and dial it for you? I was looking for a whitepaper on this but couldn't find anything.

    We use Act! here which has a TAPI interface to dial phones but its pretty clumsy (no offense to the TAPI developer earlier). This might be a better solution and I'd like to know more about it.
  • Mark Boulter - talking about Smart Clients and Windows Forms, Part II

    You probably know this already but the Shortcut feature was replaced with Favorite Folders which always remains in place. They're not buttons but there are links at least.
  • Milind Lele - Demo of using new SQL Server from Visual Studio

    i'm glad someone finally explained when you would want to use managed code versus straight TSQL. good video.

    one question, does anything need to be done on the SQL Server to enable debugging?

  • Andrew Clinick - Demo of Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005

    i'm one of those "half hour to not get things done" when it comes to programming in excel so this looks really awesome! great job!