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  • Christian Kleinerman: SQL Server 2008 for Developers

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the feedback... I'll address some of the questions:

    ·         Intellisense: it’s currently targeted for SQL Management Studio… over time this should reach VS.

    ·         Dynamic sorting: I don’t like recommending dynamic SQL but that is one option…  Assuming your stored proc has a single SELECT statement, another alternative (slightly less encapsulated) would be to use a table-valued function instead of a stored proc and specify the ORDER BY from your middle tier code. In SQL Server 2008 we also added an ORDER clause to SQL/CLR functions inside the engine to have the optimizer  eliminate unnecessary sorts if the function is producing a well known sort order.

    ·         Hierarchy management: it is true that we didn’t implement the highest possible level of abstraction, but an intermediate lower level building block. There were reasons to do so, mostly around flexibility of the solutions you can build and keeping the type closer to other types rather than to higher level constructs that automatically impose constraints and concurrency semantics on tables. However, we’ve included in Books Online the common patterns to make it easy… feedback welcome on missing patterns.

    ·         LINQ: no for support for table-valued parameters… and in SQL 2008 we enabled XLinq inside the engine. We will enable other stacks in future releases… feedback on scenarios and priorities most welcome.

    ·         ANSI ISO SQL standard: since SQL 99 achieving the core package has been a huge collection of features and it removed the levels of compliance like SQL 92 did… We have a large subset of the core standard all the way to SQL 2006 and as we continue to add capabilities, we always look at the standard to make sure that where applicable, we’re following the standard.

    ·         Spatial: we support 2.5D, carrying around elevation values. We’re considering 3D for a future release.

    For other feedback (or for the bug report mentioned) either use or send me mail…

    Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming!

    -          Christian