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  • MQ - The Quality Milestone

    sloppycode wrote:
    the guy introducing the video uses waaaay too many hand movements.

    Awww, don't pick on Sampy, he's only 8 years old.
  • Blog your way to the PDC

    Sounds like one of the original Moon Gals from JobBlogs, Zoe Goldring.

    But that's probably more wishful thinking than anything else...
  • Office Communicator

    I really want to look into this as a deployable solution.  Its just the total future of communication.

    Question, if anyone from Office Comm team is watching, we don't have IP telephony at all yet, so not looking into that as yet.

    What I'd be really interested in is more enterprise-scale IM features and having it as a method of collaboration and support.

    For instance, a big one would be being able to set support roles.  For instance, in a University, if a student sits down at a computer in a lab, they get pushed on a session-only basis the relevant support individual/team for that lab.  And that team can be multiple people who can then have rights to help them via remote assistance etc.  Also, wondering how much collaborative application-sharing type stuff you can do over Office Comm.
  • Halo 2 Coming to Earth Next Week


    Halo 2 on X-Box
    Half Life 2 on PC
    Pro Evo Soccer on X-Box

    All in about a week.

    The bank account is going to take a fair battering that week.
  • Pat Helland - Sings Bye Bye to Mr CIO Guy

    Excellent stuff.

    I have just got back from Tech Ed Europe (I'll post some more thoughts on that later) but unfortunately I went to a different session when he did that.

    He's a hell of a character is Pat Helland.  By the Friday, I ended up in a session featuring Pat dressed as a Wizard/Fortune Teller.  Funny stuff too.

    Oh, and you didn't want to hear more drums.  You heard enough drums at Tech Ed as they were giving them out at the Keynote!
  • “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Microsoft” Eric Rudder picks up Lenn

    Great video, fun and really informative.

    But, I'd say, Eric and Lenn, I wouldn't give up the day job to try and persue an acting career!!!
  • Sam Druker - Answers Channel9 questions about WinFS

    I think there are some great possibilities with WinFS.

    I do have some questions though.  Firstly, will WinFS be mostly a technology that requires coding/APIs or prompting to use?  I say this because of the email example.  I can understand that if you are dealing with Outlook or some other Email application, it would be easy to extract the metadata about an email.  However, how would it work if, say, you are using a web based email service (and let's say something other than Hotmail so as to rule out a Passport link).  Does the WinFS try to extract relation information and metadata from the website?  Or will it just not pick up any information?

    My other question is concerning the transfer of files which you dealt with, a bit!, in the video.  Its unclear about how the metadata of the WinFS is stored, and gives the impression that the metadata is stored per file.  Surely, WinFS could only work if the metadata is stored with the user and is the user's personal metadata about that file and its relationship with other parts of the system.  I say this because some files will at any time be used by tens of thousands of other users.  For example, a networked Word document.

    I'm also curious about how it deals with breaks in WinFS data through sending files or emails and the sort.  As an example, if I send a mail to and then at their end it goes into a call management system as pretty much every major organisation has.  They then reply to me about the issue, not quoting my initial mail and the reply subject is "Reply to Call 185757".  I send them another mail on the issue, etc etc etc.  The way that WinFS has been explained to date is that if I used search to find all information exchanged on this issue, for my boss for example, I'd expect it to return any files and emails regarding this issue.  It seems relatively easy for email or file exchanges to get "broken" if they leave systems to systems not using WinFS and not relate to each other and thus return an incomplete search.