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Born and raised in Canada. I love Banana's, Star Trek, Halo, Call of Duty, and throwing... well, I am sure you can guess. Got a Windows Phone 7 and it is awesome! If you like Star Trek and want to join an awesome fleet, join the {UFP}United Federation of Planets at


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    ,Codesmith wrote

    I think you should check out "...i'm a WP7!" many people seems to love it based on the reviews, and I just got it today and think it's cool.

    I agree with you Codesmith!

    I have been using this app since its early development and it really is awesome! It keeps getting more and more updates with new features and more unique tools. I really think it should be featured on Hot Apps! The fact that you can see other WP7 users from all around the world, see who is a WP7 Developer, post in forums, participate in surveys, suggest content features, read internet articles surround the WP7 products and features and now with the latest version update, there are even hidden Easter Eggs to find in the app itself! Honestly, I find myself checking it almost every single day to see new updates and get my fix on my WP7! Love it!

    Also, any chance of getting this Podcast available in Canada, please! Big Smile