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Clint Rutkas Clint I'm a "developer"
  • Why is Channel9 fast?

    exoteric said:
    Shining Arcanine said:

    Why did monkeys come before humans?


    On a completely different note: will Revolution 9 allow one to customize a video newsfeed based on interests? Say you're interested in both developer topics but also IT topics like found on Technet Edge.


    I hope Revolution 9 will run on Azure. It would be a high-profile use-case given current periodic (what appears to be) scalability issues (although it appears to run quite well right now). It would also have to be pretty rock solid so as to not taint the Azure reputation. Nonetheless, (successful) dogfooding is the best way to convince your customers, especially with the scale Microsoft typically applies.

    Not sure what we've publically stated on Ch9 other than we're working on a new version with a new UX / version called Rev 9.  Smiley


    I don't want to ruin the suprise!

  • C9 Request

    figuerres said:
    exoteric said:

    the big problem right now is that they are not saying anything...


    on the ms forum there is a post from an ms staff asking for feedback saying that they were deciding what to do.


    then nothing...


    http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsintune/ would that be able to do it?

  • Stupid me about Xbox360 Slim.

    Shining Arcanine said:
    Sven Groot said:
    Whether or not you think otherwise...
    • Game Consoles
    • PDAs
    • Smart Phones
    • ATMs
    • GPS devices
    • Programmable Calculators
    • Etcetera
    All are computers. If they were not computers, you could not program them.

    you have to realize the business model that consoles are under as well.  A company historically loses money when someone buys a console but when someone buys games and accessories, they make up the difference.


    If, lets say, the military or a university buys a large amount of the units and uses them for processing, the company who made the console only loses money and still has to support those units under warrenty.  Costs money to implement, costs money to maintain, costs money cause people aren't using the system for the intended business model.


    What is the incentive for allowing it other than "Wow, that is neat!". 

  • Spam isn't killing email, automatic spam filter is killing it. WHY isn't nobody fixing this?

    exoteric said:
    Clint said:

    So the problem is cost of analysis rather than quality of existing analyses? In that case the user's own machines should be enlisted to help compute positives, SETI-style.

    You loose the instant speed of email since it has to go to primary server to you then back to server to me.  IM style email is useful.

    And it raise privacy issues having someone else having your email on their computer.

    And you'd have to have the up to date to verify is this spam or not.


    I could go on with issues on that.

  • Has Microsoft considered contributing to the WINE project to get 16-bit Windows programs working on 64-bit Windows?

    W3bbo said:
    Clint said:

    VMs aren't good for games because the range of hardware they implement is limited (or just poorly emulated). Even with games developed 15 years ago running on today's hardware there's still things that just don't feel right: there's no substitute for running things natively.


    How hard would it be to virtualise a graphics chipset, realistically? I don't get why they have to be emulated in software. I know that OGL/D3D can be virtualised to an extent, but what of 2D things?

    you're telling me a VM can't properly simulate a game that was created before the dawn of 3d accellerated graphic? 


    I beg to differ there my friend.  A VM can totally rock Oregon Trail just fine.

  • I'm going back to VS2008

    Are you sure you're on the RTM version?  I did a test WPF project and it never pulled up a .Net 4.0 only item.  I used the System.Threading.Task lib on a 4.0 project, then downgraded it to 3.5.  Soon as I downgraded, it failed to compile.




    I know beta 2 had some speed issues but on RC and RTM, on any machine I put it on, it works rather nicely.  Do you have any third party extentions installed?

    .For(0, 10, (i) => { Title = i.ToString(); });

  • Why is Channel9 fast?

    Shining Arcanine said:
    Duncanma said:

    I suggest that your hosting company examine traffic and routing queues leaving their data center. This seems to be affecting some people more than others. Right now, I can say that I cannot reproduce these issues on my system, while others can, so I think that suggests that the issue is local to certain connections leaving the data center. Of course, I do not expect your hosting company to be honest about this.


    Also, what keeps you from hosting channel9.msdn.com locally on Microsoft's campus? Surely, you guys have plenty of capacity to host it in-house. I imagine that the cloud computing infrastructure used for Bing would also be an option, as I cannot imagine Microsoft has not explored the possibility of using their infrastructure in a way similar to how Amazon is using its infrastructure.

    It is called Azure Smiley  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/

  • Has Microsoft considered contributing to the WINE project to get 16-bit Windows programs working on 64-bit Windows?

    Windows has a legacy of having applications run for a very long time.  I'm assuming there was a large sum of data that supported this move.  Eventually you have to cut support to move forward.  Windows 3.1 was 18+ years ago ...


    Plus what about XP mode in Win7 ultimate or the Compatibility mode where even in Win7x64 you can select "Windows 95".  You also have VMs.

  • Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, so... expensive! >:( why is it bundled?

    tools and hardware are cheap, people are expensive. 


    Also you can develop very nice looking apps in Visual Studio 2010 without Blend.  I will say Blend does make life easier for certain tasks but you can do everything by hand.  You can make great looking applications without Blend.


    FYI:  Adobe Flash just by itself is the same price as the entire Expression Suite.

  • Spam isn't killing email, automatic spam filter is killing it. WHY isn't nobody fixing this?

    the hard part is attempting to track fake emails VS real emails.  I've gotten legit emails from people that I've had to do double takes on since they just read as spam.  I've also gotten spam that from a glance looks like a real email.  Filters are good will never be perfect.


    Also you have to figure for systems such as Hotmail and Gmail the load of spam they get.  They have finite computing resources and have to make a extremely fast decision and move on to the next email to keep up with the flood.