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  • UWP-007 - ​Understandi​ng XAML Schemas and Namespace Declarations

    I'm having an issue where any example I open, even all those that have been sitting on my drive unused for months, open and say they can't find a file:


    [Failure] Could not find file 'C:\Users\shawn\Desktop\WhatIsXAML\WhatIsXAML\obj\ARM\Debug\App.g.i.cs'.


    I don't understand at all how to fix this, it's incredibly frustrating.  That file isn't there in any sample.  I just installed VS 2015 Community.  

  • Defrag: Nexus 6 Videos on Media Player, ​Troubleshoo​ting Slow Booting, Finding Drive Serial Numbers and more

    On the last question, video display driver caused artifacts.  You can restart the DWM process and it will also clear the issue, but it usually happens again the next time you right-click. that fade out effect just doesn't want to complete. It's definitely the driver from all I've seen, but one way to workaround it is to just disable those animations.

  • Defrag: Readyboost, Virtual Machines, Printing at Distance

    Windows HomeGroup requires IPv6?  My homegroup works fine even though my router only allows IPv4 addresses.  I'm confused.

  • Windows 7 Taskbar - Behind the Scenes

    You mentioned that when an object is moved, you immediately move it, then animation it to the final position.  I believe I've seen evidence of this in jump lists.  If you use a swipe-up motion with your mouse (rather than right-click) to bring up a jump list, and you do it very VERY slowly, you will see the jump list appear, barely visible, in its final position.  Then as soon as your cursor moves up a single pixel more, the jump list returns to the bottom and animates upward as you continue to move your mouse.


    Now I understand how this happens:  you're letting the user control the speed of the animation.


  • Windows 7 Taskbar: Advanced Features

    Wow I'm surprised you don't always provide a live real-time view of windows.  In fact, I figured that under the new DWM, the windows were rendering all the time, minimized or not.  That's why I never understood why animations in a website, for example, stop working in the thumbnail ... but only if the window is minimized.  For example, my browser could be obscured (but not minimized) and the unseen animations on the website still show live (with animation) in the thumbnail.  Why not Let me keep that even when minimized?