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  • Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer)

    Hello guys,
    I’m just starting to become a developer and I can’t think of a better time for me to get into this industry Smiley With cool tools like sparkle I can finally start turning dreams into reality!  Great work guys.
    Microsoft have got it dead right with Avalon (WPF).

    Anyway this is just a side topic that I’m concerned about. It’s to do with the “smooth move” animation. We first saw this animation in the Aero Rock Video at PDC 2003, where Windows Explorer had image files in it being animated around. Then I saw it again in Microsoft Max. I herd that this particular animation “smooth move” was actually imbedded in Avalon (WPF) framework. So why did you have to import this effect in to apply it to the wrapping behavior? Isn’t it meant to be apart of WPF?