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Code4Fun Code4Fun
  • Hardware Boneyard - Using the CueCat with .NET

    In this installment of "Some Assembly Required" column, Scott Hanselman borrows Travis Illig's CueCat BarCode scanner and creates a plugin for Windows Live Writer than lets him blog more easily about books he's reading. We decode the bar code info, change UPCs into ISBNs, call Amazon's Web Service via REST and integrate with Windows Live Writer all in one article. Whew!

  • Don't touch me! - Interfacing with a Fingerprint Reader

    In this installment of the "Some Assembly Required" column, Scott Hanselman creates a Family Fingerprint Manager using .NET 2.0 that interfaces with the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader and the GrFinger SDK from Griaule.

  • Creating an ASP.NET Hangman Control

    Add Hangman to your websites with the ASP.NET Hangman control. The control includes embedded Javascript, images, XML, and sounds. Includes VB.NET and C# source code for the control.

    -- best,
          Stephen Walther

  • Unreal Tournament .NET AI Bot Templates for Visual Studio

    These are project templates for the CodePlex project that enable you to create your own AI Bots.

    Coding4Fun article with how-to video

  • Part 2: Controlling a Microbric Viper Robot with an IR Serial Port using .NET and PowerShell

    Source code in C# to go along with the Coding4Fun Microbric Robot series.

    Video of the code in action is posted here.

    - Scott Hanselman

  • iAccelerate

    iAccelerate is a .NET application that can be used with an accelerometer to measure the performance of a vehicle. An accelerometer is an instrument that is used for measuring acceleration. By using basic physics equations, we can derive a vehicle’s current speed, distance traveled, horsepower, and other performance metrics from the acceleration of the vehicle. iAccelerate is solely for use in a vehicle on a closed course or on private property while under the supervision of a certified emergency care provider. As a reminder, please always wear your safety belt.


  • Computer-​Controlled R/C Car with Camera

    Code for an article at Coding4Fun written by Brian Peek of ASPSOFT, Inc..

    Control a remote controlled car with your computer using Microsoft Robotics Studio. Then, add a wireless IP camera for stealthy remote operation.

    Code is available in C# and Visual Basic.

  • Displaying Gentle Error Messages with ASP.NET

    Learn how to display gentler error messages when errors are encountered while developing ASP.NET applications. In this code sample, Stephen Walther shows you how you can modify the default ASP.NET error page so that it displays motivational sounds, messages, and pictures.

    After downloading the ZIP archive, double-click the VSI file to install the friendly errors project templates.

  • Intro to XNA Part 1: Building Tiny Tennis

    In this article, the ZMan walks through creating Tiny Tennis, a Pong clone, using the XNA Framework and XNA Game Studio Express.
    (updated with fixed code 3/23/07 by TheZMan)

  • Happy Hackable Holidays!

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    1) Control to simulate WinSock that was in VB6 , to make transition for VB6 dev to .NET be familiar. So WinSock like control (async). + others for the VB6 ==> VB.NET dev.

    2) Control for enabling people to control your application with Voice. Mic hooks, and be able to use specific things in your application using voice (like in vista). (not speech apis)

    3) Applications of various cryptographic methods to encrypt or compress data

    4) Visualizers for VS2005

    5) Add comments to each entry in Coding4fun so we can ask questions with respect to each article of the author

    6) Programming against windows Firewall demos to do some control over computer trafics and ports (little manager tool).

    7) Programming against Office demos to do cool stuff.

    8) Vista Gadgets Extreme edition : Live packet sniffer to monitor all computer trafic. Tool similar to netstat to show all connections status at your face in real time.

    9) Device Emulators and demos to utilize them in your applications.

    10) More games : Pool demo, chess demo, extensions to Inkball, etc..

    11) Writing Managed Device Drivers demos.

    12) WPF demos , Programming against maps in your managed application.

    These are some ideas I had in mind. Would be cool if we had some in coding4fun.

    Hey SS, These are some great ideas, thanks for the detailed feedback.

    To levelset, the philosophy for Coding4Fun is to focus on fun, cool projects, rather than focusing on providing technical overviews.

    Good for C4F - How to sync and save YouTube videos to your iPod.
    Not Good for C4F - Implementing serialization and custom channels using WCF.

    The latter may be interesting to developers and likely would be a good article for MSDN, just not for Coding4Fun:)

    Axis on Task versus Technology

    The other point is that the C4F axis is bent on task instead of technology, which means we categorize on what the application type is, say game, versus the technology used, say DirectX.

    In any case, I bring this up so my comments on a couple of your suggestions below make sense and so you know where we're coming from.

     #1, Winsock - check out VB 2005's My Namespace, it has just about everything Winsock included, and we tend not to create libraries, although our team is working on some stuff to remove complexity and do useful things through libraries so this isn't unheard of.

    #2 Voice - Totally agree, the API's before Vista haven't been great, but Vista make it much easier...consider this "coming soon."

    #3 Crypto fails on the "spirit" I mentioned aboveyou will, there are some good examples here, but I did propose a Compress & Encrypt utility for easily sending files to someone to our authors that does hit the C4F spirit.

    #4 Visualizers are a bit too technical and not fun/cool, but maybe a WPF visualizer or graphical visualizer makes sense here?

    #5 Comments - Yes absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, something we want to do. Right now Coding4Fun is moving to another system so we have to wait until that migration is done before we can do this, but because it's blog based, this should hopefully be painless. I'd love to get this out in Q1 next year.

    #6 Jeff Key, one of our C4F writers is planning an update to NetPing and a series of articles on how it's built.

    #7 Office - Oh yeah, I'm with you here, in fact Kevin Marshall, one of our newest Coding4Fun authors did just that a couple of weeks ago with his Collecting Outlook Statistics with Office 2007 and VSTO. The app gives you built-in reports on things like the top 25 people sending you email, calculating your send-to-receive ratio and more.

    #8 Totally agree, our first Gadget article showed how you can have any .NET application communicate to a gadget so that it can do all the heavy network lifting and send the data, say as xml, directly to the gadget.

    #9 Emulators are more a development tool, no? VS Standard and above include several emulators so I'm not sure what we would add here.

    #10 Games - We have lots of game content coming in the pipeline, stay tuned!

    #11 Device Drivers - This doesn't fit the C4F spirit although it would be a good article to have on MSDN anyways.

    #12 WPF - We have several WPF demos in the pipeline, including a recently updated 5-Part article series on building Sudoku using WPF. You'll see us build this out in the next couple of months.

    Again great feedback, as other ideas, come in, please let us know, and if this thread is buried, you can always email us at code4fun@microsoft.com.