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    I was the one who raised the issue of build/compile iteration times in the Q&A. I apologize if I came across as critical of the work the committee has done on C++11 -- I think all the new language features are important and useful, and I'm very glad for the work everyone has done (thank you especially for lambdas!)

    The point I was trying to (poorly) raise, was that I would like to see language features on the agenda that that improve the ability of programmers to iterate quickly on code. C++ suffers from high levels of inter-dependency between compilation units, and if this were not a language problem it would be solvable by compiler/linker developers. It is true that developers can improve build efficiency with techniques such as unity builds, pimpl firewalls, better forward declarations, and distributed parallel build systems, but all these are work that developers must do outside of their fundamental goals of implementing algorithms.

    I don't know whether this concern is best addressed with modules, partial classes, or something else, but I think it is an important one for the future, especially since the language allows us to create larger and more complex projects.