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  • A look at ASP.NET MVC 4

    The bundling is nice, but I personally like the way Cassette handles it better. It allows the scripts and CSS to stay separate in a debug build for easier debugging, then bundles on a release build.

    Also, I get that same bug that Scott ran into at least a few times a week. Very annoying!

  • Optimize your website using ASP.NET and IIS8

    I love the new bundling features. Makes web site optimization so much easier!

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    , Charles wrote

    It's not the only story... It's a new one. One with great promise for the millions of developers who program in JS and design UI in HTML and CSS.. In some sense, it represents a democratization of Windows development: more developers will be able to build "native" Windows applications. It's just the story that was told today.

    As I said above, we don't use JS, HTML and CSS because they're good tools; we use them simply because we're forced to use them because they're the only choice when writing for web browsers! I would most definitely prefer to code in Objective-C for iPad than be forced to write everything in HTML5/JS for Windows 8...

    If the reports are true that the new tablet UI only works with HTML5 and Javascript then the new UI will be DOA...

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    I can't believe they're touting the use of HTML5/JS as a positive. We web developers use HTML, CSS and JS because we are FORCED TO, not because we like it!! If HTML and JS are going to become the primary framework for Windows then I might as well go write Objective-C...

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Wow, you people need to calm down! Some of you are talking about lawsuits? Seriously? For what? Delaying an update because it was bricking phones? I'd say that's being responsible. What if they had just pushed it through, how happy do you think people would be then?

  • WPF Design Surface Improvements in Visual Studio 2010

    Thanks - the default values and extra layout controls are just plain annoying. All through the demo he's just deleting the default values. Why put them in at all? Or better yet, why not make them smarter? It shouldn't be too hard to infer the developers intended layout based on the type of control he is dropping in to a certain type of layout container.

    I'm really excited about 2010 - the markup extension and binding intellisense will be a huge help!

    And to the WPF nay sayers commenting on here - for simply laying out controls on a basic LOB form, WinForms is easier, but I would argue that writing an entire, working, LOB application is easier in WPF thanks to data binding. Plus, when it comes time do to something a little more visual, templating a control in WPF is 1000x easier than writing a custom control in WinForms!