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  • Using SQLite in Windows Store Apps

    Yeah, seriously, the presenter is writing an APP to manage his APPS.  Great.  That's a real world example of why someone would need a robust FULLY SUPPORTED RDBMS on a device lol.  Well Robert, here in the real world, where we have apps written that, as an example, would do the following.

    1.) Route sheet with over 50 calls per day/per driver handling sales for a major international Energy drink distributor.  That's 70 routes x 50 sales calls/invoices per day.

    2.) Sales history for each customer (over 1000 customers per device) for the last 24 months that can be recalled and printed while at the store dealing with the customer

    3.) New invoices from the route created that day replicated in real time to the SQL Server at head office

    4.) New route sheet for the next day (and 14 day peak into the future for driver planning)

    5.) Multiple "Surveys" regarding shelving and presentation for every store on the route.  Data is collected while the driver is at the store and immediately replicated to head office for analysis

    6.) Real time "chatting" with the drivers with entire dialogue stored on the LOCAL SQL CE DATABASE.

    blah, what a disaster.  Try the above with SQL Lite.

    If I/We were in the business of writing 99 cent apps, we would be coding for android or IOS.  We chose MS because we code APPs for businesses, not 18 year old college students.

    I am inspired... to code for the android.  Unfortunately, I agreed with the client, and moved them over to an iPhone web based app as I saw (and now confirmed) no use for MS in the device market place.

    what a gong show