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ColbyP ColbyP

Niner since 2009

  • The History of Microsoft - 1989

    That's some killer reverb, Tina, would you mind hooking me up with some?

  • Ping: Episode 9

    This might be the wrong time to bring up how miraculous a replacement good crabstick is to actual crab.  They probably don't have a Japanese version of the show is all I'm saying.  But they might have a fish version.  I'd watch it if it was hamachi.

  • Ping: Episode 7

    I doubt there's many people that actually think they can effectively deny microsoft is a great company, and if they are they're probably extremely nerdy.  They probably create a new rank of nerdism.   And when I say nerd, I relate them analogiously to a dark wizard of technology and fantastical information.  Where a geek would be a white wizard of technology and fantastical information, for the record.
  • MIX09 Video Outtakes with Scott Guthrie

    Scott seems like a cool dude, but not as cool as you, Tina!
  • Ping: Episode 6

    That was a good polar bear debate.  You know, you never can really tell with wild animals how they're going to react, Max.  And Laura, you're singing voice is so clear, I love it.
  • Ping: Episode 4

    That was cool seeing Bill Gates' dad introduce him too.  To be honest.
  • Ping: Episode 4

    Irish Car Bombs are my favorite, really the only mix of alchohol I'll consider wasting money on, and my first one was on the night I got a DWI-  Bought for me by a friend of a sibling that hadn't seen me since I was 16 or something like that.  I think it was the approximate 100 ounces of beer that got me though.  Honestly, I was driving clean, just fast.  But getting one sort of breaks your spirits afterwards and makes it harder to focus if you try again.  And I just realized how much Guiness stuff I have now, all the glasses at my apartment are Guiness glasses, I won a Guiness hand towl at a beer fest for speed chugging, and saturday I got a Guiness hat/shirt combo at Spencer's Gifts.  All I need is the actual product now.  And just one more thing, Happy Birthday!
  • Ping: Episode 3

    But if you used that same lip on an equilateral triangle, you could put in one corner of it and swing the next one in. If the lip was the same size.  If they used a 4 inch lip they could do anything they wanted. But the tubes are all circular for easy installation probably or maybe some structural security.  If the manhole covers weren't circular or at least octagonal, then you'd feel ridiculous climbing through them.
  • Ping: Episode 3

    I believe you're correct except about elipses, that would contradict the point of the circle and equilateral triangle being perfectly "maxed-out" shapes, in symetrical diameter.  I think you could drop an elipse through it's hole without exception.
  • Ping: Episode 2

    Streetattack, is that Patrick Swayze from the Chris Farley sketch on your tattoo? You are multiple hilarious.

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