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Colin Angus Mackay Colin Angus Mackay Developer! Developer! Developer! comes to Scotland on the 10th May 2008

Niner since 2004

I'm a software developer living in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a core member of Scottish Developers, which means I organise community events for software developers including bringing Developer! Developer! Developer! to Scotland on the 10th May 2008.


  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    benn23uk wrote:
    It's ok, I've decided that the Vista Developer Launch event is well worth the effort.

    Okay - I'll see you there then. Big Smile
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    benn23uk wrote:
    Dammit, I nearly registered for this but didn't because of the 5 hour drive from here. If I'd have known Channel9 were going to be there, I may have changed my mind.

    Five hour drive - Is that all! Big Smile

    I drove down from Glasgow, got as far as the South Lakes then realised I'd forgotten my medication and had to drive back again - so that was an extra 250 miles (and £30 of petrol) on my journey. Total journey time 13 hours.

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Skriker V1.0 wrote:
    Charles wrote: End the nationalistic rhetoric, boys (well, Eagle, anyway...).

    One world,

    OMG what have I started, all i wanted to know is if the 9ners who live in this (Scotland) part of our small plannet want to meet up for a few drinks maybe a Geek stile dinner?

    I think it was more aimed at Eagle who has posted various comments about the places where Channel9 has filmed and is upset that it hasn't been to certain places yet while ignoring some places that it has been. The management misconception that if one woman can have a baby in 9 month, imagine what you can do with 9 women in one month comes to mind.

    As for a Geek Dinner - I'm up for that idea.

    And, as it is Christmas Day now - Have a very Merry Christmas!
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Sabot wrote:
    Back to the point, what makes the DDD model successful?


    So what have I missed ?

    The Geek Dinner afterwards is an excellent social and networking opportunity.

    A packed day so that hardest descision is which of these great sessions should I attend. If it were repeated over 2 days so I could see presentations I missed the first time round I feel I still wouldn't see everything I wanted to. The quality is that high.
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    I should know better than enter this sort of argument. But the pedant in me needs to get out from time to time...

    eagle wrote:
     Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Los London are the only places C9 has visited since 4/04, un qué mundo!

    What about Barcelona? Or even this clip which was filmed in Reading.
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Skriker V1.0 wrote:
    Do we have enough people for a C9 Scotand meetup? all of UK and everyoen else welcome ofcourse ?

    You might want to take a look at Scottish Developers. We are a non-profit user group based in Scotland that is by the community for the community of the community (to misquote Lincoln). And, most importantly of all, membership is free!

    We are in the process of arranging events for next year and I'm sure you'll find many channel niners there too.

    Specifically, I'm trying to put together some events in Glasgow and am wanting to know what people want to here about. If you're interested in that you can comment on what you'd like to see (or give a talk on) here.
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    DDD has to be one of the best community events there is. This was the third time I attended and wild horses couldn't keep me away. I drove down from Glasgow and it was well worth it.

    My only complaint is that there are so many great sessions going on at the same time that I never know which to choose.
  • Michael Howard - How hackers operate

    Michael Howard's videos are great. Is there any chance of getting this video in a downloadable form?

  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    If you are still looking for a transcript of this video you can now find it on the Channel9 wiki

    I hope this helps.