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  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    W3bbo wrote:

    I do'nt know about you, but I actually like the lack of advertising and public awareness of smartphones.

    If they did, then Jamster would be all over it.

    IMO, Smartphones should be relegated to "business" grade phones and nothing else. I do NOT want to see Crazy Frog adverts with an option for Microsoft Smartphones.

    You don't understand: mobile phone industry is not the same as Office software or operating systems or databases. Crazy Frog is bad and Jamster is evil (because Jamster woos people to get one game for free but in reality they fool them into full subscription that often remains hidden - I have fallen for this trap myself once) - I agree - but advertising Windows Mobile phones (or Symbian phones) is not the same as Crazy Frog advertisements. The fact is that Microsoft's competition spends hundreds of millions of USD on advertisements of symbian phones, and Microsoft obviously has no such money for advertisement of Windows Mobile only, but I think that plugging of Windows Mobile phones into advertisments of other Microsoft products could help a lot.

    Anyway I liked it when Bill G said "we take on nokia" - he clealry understands that it is not battle against symbian (that is just a puppet of nokia) but against nokia itself.

    BTW: speaking of Tablet PC: if Bill Gates is left-handed (as I am) then I wonder why there is no way to select "left-handed mode" in Tablet PC OS, so that all scroll bars should be on the left side (not right side as usual)? The only answer I can imagine: Bill Gates is not using Tablet PCs really often...

    Summarizing I think that in next interview with Bill Gates Scoble should ask him: a) how Microsoft can counter big advertisemnt campaigns, big marketing power, of nokia, in the view that Microsoft makes only software - Windows Mobile - and marketing of Windows Mobile phones is tiny, b) why Tablet PC is not adaptable for left-handed people ? are you left handed?


  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    scobleizer wrote:

    Did we get Slashdotted?


    I have impression that Bill G praises Scoble's blogging more than his video interviewing ... so that what Betsy Aoki said once: that blogging is the main job of Scoble - has been confirmed!

    By the way: next time, Scoble, ask Bill G whether he could help out a little bit Windows Mobile division - he said "take on nokia and on phones", but I doubt whether Bill G understands at all what is the problem? The problem is very small marketing - nokia is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing of phones and on maketing them. So more marketing money for Windows Mobile (or maybe some synergetic marketing with other MS products) is needed + some campaign about Windows Mobile being stylish.

    So question to Bill G coudl be: "with regard to Windows Mobile phones: how do you, Bill G, see Microsoft defeating huge marketing money that nokia throws at customers? and how Microsoft can cope with a common feeling that customers have - also with regard to Windows Mobile phones : 'Microsoft has no style' !

    Please note that these 2 things are not tiny issues and not only related to hardware - just take a look at beatifully designed animated icons in  Sony Ericsson phones and compare them with ugly primitive icons in Windows Mobile 5.0 !
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Robert, Why didn't you ask him Something like: "if Microsoft is innovative then why there is no native buyout for podcastiny in Windows Media Player although tunes from boggle has it?... or! Why Windows Mobiles bags, feature-wise, 2-3 years behind Symbian?