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  • Ping 71: Windows Phone 7 & Xbox LIVE, Flight Sim, Facebook, Messenger, MENLO

    I hope that Microsoft to solve the problem of accessing XBOX Live from anywhere to now a lot of countries are deprived of play online or to download new games from XBOX Live marketplace while its possible and easily from "Apple" App store to purchase any App or game from anywhere in the world, and as i know Apple are new in this field Perplexed , again Lead it or Follow it or go to H...


    Please please please send my message to who is responsible of this disaster !! 

  • IE8: Search

    IE 8 have a grt fetures but do u know why is losing the browsers market share because the installation routen look at google chrome its just one click to install but IE you can not update it until validating your windows and lets be honest most of the pepole now using un valid windows in thaire homes and in ather side u can not update IE from your office because u r not authorise or admin user but you can download and install Firefox and chrom