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  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Reporting Performance Issues with PerfWatson

    @Sitsch, WPF isn't the problem, except in making raster fonts no longer eligible which was a horrible move on MS's part. The problem is the new Intellisense. That's what slows everything to a crawl as you actually write code, whether it's C++, C# or XAML for WPF/Silverlight.

    The other problem is the new partially C++0x compliant compiler (RAM gobbler edition), which gobbles RAM like there's no tomorrow when templates are involved (e.g., boost variant anyone?). When you run multiple parallel compilers (say eight of them), which these days seems to be a good idea given the standard quad cpu (8 with hyperthreading) hosts people use for development and you better have lots of RAM (where lots >> {i.e., much greater} 4 GB). I am typing this on a host with 12 GB of RAM as we speak, which is about the bare minimum necessary for C++ software development these days.

  • Eric Lippert - Have you noticed a performance hit in .NET?

    And when you tune the algorithmic hotspots in your code, by rewriting them using unmanaged code, how will you handle the managed/unmanaged transitions that you will create, if they become the next bottleneck?


  • Talking Architects with Jason Zander

    The audio drops out on the streaming version from 19:42 to 26:01 where it just restarts repeating and the video cuts out... Someone needs to fix this video.





  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    Yep, within 5 mins changed to a solid background as well. Yes, the new background is cool, but the only usable background is a relatively dark solid one, e.g., 13/104/107 (RGB)




  • The Great PDC Laptop Give-Away of 2009

    the FT07 video on the PDC09 web site is broken (404) and the contact us on the bottom of the page doesn't work, either. Someone needs to fix both of these items.

  • The Great PDC Laptop Give-Away of 2009

    How many laptops can be purchased for the price of PDC09 admission, I think maybe 3 or 4 of the quality of the laptop given out?

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC09 Schedule

    Will the PDC sessions be available via Channel 9 for viewing, for those of us unable to attend the PDC (just like they were for PDC '08)?

  • E2E: Erik Meijer and Patrick Dussud - Inside Garbage Collection

    Why is this video so noisy and of such poor quality, even in WMV HD (1,072,801,969 bytes worth). I mean for over a gig of WMV3+audio data, I was expecting the view quality to be superb. Instead there is so much video noise, that it looks like someone compressed it with the worst video encoder settings available, while still maintaining a very large file size. Is the camera at fault? Other videos presented on channel 9 by the same videographer were decent, what happened here? Did the "good camera" break? Was the "video engineer" on vacation and this video got re-encoded by a programmer? What gives?


    This was a very important interview video with  a very important person and I wish more effort was put into a quality presentation.




  • Countdown to PDC09: Big Brains Descend Upon PDC and Teach Us How to Dream

    The video is 9 minutes and 9 seconds long. The "10 minute timer" gets started at around 14 seconds in and rings a second or two before the the end. I don't know why, but I feel shortchanged!




  • Rico Mariani: Inside Visual Studio Beta 2 - Performance and Reliability

    OK, Rico, here's a question for you:


    Who's brilliant idea was it to remove support for raster fonts from the VS 2010 editor? They've been supported from the very beginning of Visual C++. How can you compare a font like Consolas or Courier New to a raster font like Terminal for visibility, legibility, and maximum lines per screen, especially at small font sizes (e.g., 9 points and 6 points)? Try comparing these fonts in VS 2008 and tell me your opinion.


    Just curious,

    Michael Goldshteyn


  • 10-4 Episode 34: Debugger Enhancements and Improvements

    aL_, the answer to your question is at:">


    That article describes how you can collect local dumps for yourself to troubleshoot, instead of sending dumps of your custom programs to Microsoft, never to be heard from again. I should also mention that this is effectively the replacement for Dr. Watson on Vista and Windows 7 (and of course their Server counterparts).




  • Graphics improvements in WPF 4

    I get an "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application." dialog box when trying to run the samples. I have VS2010 Beta 2 and .NET Framework Beta 2 installed. Do these samples require a post-Beta 2 .NET, so we can't view them?




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