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  • Microsoft announces Kin! The next Windows Phone (Formerly code named Pink): Full Demo

    Ok so we know it is made by Sharp, is supposed to have a long battery life and that there are a number of areas that were dodged in the video.

    Where or when will we get some real info on these devices. Things like OS, processor, eco system,how far will it be before I get dropped back into Windows Mobile OS?

  • Microsoft announces Kin! The next Windows Phone (Formerly code named Pink): Full Demo

    It will be available in Europe in the Autumn. On Vodafone first.

  • Help Desk - Pilot Episode (Now Available On Demand)

    Thats GMT - 8 hours if it helps the rest of the world.




  • The Great PDC Laptop Give-Away of 2009

    Ok How can I say this:








    with envy!

    I agree with wkempf let us at them!

  • Announcing Channel 9’s first live broadcast - This Week on C9 this Friday!

    Ok according to this this puts it at 11PM on Friday night here in the UK.


    I may be there in body but a sober body is in considerable doubt Big Smile


  • A Look At Office 2010 with Chris Capossela

    I dont think this is the sole preserve of spark lines as I am fairly sure that it is a feature of most of the major data visualisation players. But I do know that in my prev job we used XL^3 for data analysis over SSAS and it kicked Excel's but. I hope that the issues Excel 2007 had in early days when presented with a real cube dont re-occour in 2010

  • A Look At Office 2010 with Chris Capossela

    I feel that so much of your post is out of date that any valid comment you have is lost.

    To begin with Visual Studio Tools for Office Then from here

    Obsolete Data Access Technologies

    Obsolete technologies are technologies that have not been enhanced or updated in several product releases and that will be excluded from future product releases. Do not use these technologies when you write new applications. When you modify existing applications that are written by using these technologies, consider migrating those applications to ADO.NET.

    The following components are considered obsolete:

    • DB-Library: This is a SQL Server–specific programming model that includes C APIs. There have been no feature enhancements to the DB-Library since SQL Server 6.5. Its final release was with SQL Server 2000, and it will not be ported to the 64-bit Windows operating system.
    • Embedded SQL (E-SQL): This is a SQL Server–specific programming model that enables Transact-SQL statements to be embedded in Visual C code. No feature enhancements have been made to the E-SQL since SQL Server 6.5. Its final release was with SQL Server 2000, and it will not be ported to the 64-bit Windows operating system.
    • Data Access Objects (DAO): DAO provides access to JET (Access) databases. This API can be used from Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, and scripting languages. It was included with Microsoft Office 2000 and Office XP. DAO 3.6 is the final version of this technology. It will not be available on the 64-bit Windows

    So this is the 21C calling. Come in your time is up.


  • This Week C9: Revolution 9 - The Future of Channel 9

    I owe Channel 9 a heck of a lot. I got my first proper tech job as a direct result of watching early Channel 9. I applied for a job and somehow managed to get past the paper sift and get an interview.

    The interviewer threw in some normal questions but then asked "Can you write some pseudo code to detect a palindrome" Which by a wonderful coincidence was just what had been covered in this video I repeated what was in the video and comments and 4 hours later got the job offer at nearly 50% more than I was on. I have not looked back since.

    Thank you Channel 9.

    85% of the content goes 30,000 ft above my head but if  0.1% sticks then I am smarter than I would have been. Keep it up.


  • Get Hired @ Microsoft, Episode 1: Write a Killer Resume

    I will check in on the video when at home BUT whilst this may be great for US employees in the UK and I suspect the rest of the world we still have to deal with the outsourced recruitment pimps that Microsoft use.
    Here in the UK these people are truly dreadful. I was submitted for a position there by 2 Microsoft employees using the internal recommendation scheme. After 6 weeks of not returning my calls and  lying to me and the Microsoft employees I gave up and went elsewhere.

    I don’t know about the US but in the UK a large proportion of the recruitment industry have ethical and professional standards that make second hand car salesmen look like saints.

  • TechFest - Merrie Morris - ​Collaborati​ve Search, Co-Search, and Search Bar

    Ok who do I need to bribe/kill to get access to the search together app?
    Is there any chance of an email registration to let us know when it is released as this page does not have it?
    I am not so sure about the multi user search on one computer though and the search bar could be useful but I reserve judgement on it.
    The only thing that is keeping me from switching to Live search is the lack of a "Suggest" feature like Google has http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en
    This is such a killer feature for me that there needs to be a really good feature to drive it off. I wonder if the Search together is restricted to Live - I suppose it must be.
  • Miguel de Icaza and Dragos Manolescu: On Open Source, Mono and Moonlight

    A great video.
    Miguel in his considered and pragmatic approach does more to promote open source than any "beer" loving troll could ever do.
    I do hope we can get more from him.
    Good catch Charles
  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    A new definition of frustration: Seeing a video you want to watch but finding that the global caching systems wont serve it up to you:s
    I can download it which at the Channel 9 Ultra HD size will take 2 Hrs + or wait for the caches to catch up. FRUSTRATING.
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