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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • WM10 hell.

    If any of those comments were indented, you probably wouldn't be able to read the right-hand side of the paragraphs in Edge mobile anyway, so a complete waste of data :(

  • WM10 hell.

    This morning, Microsoft's "Podcasts" app refused to play a downloaded podcast until I turned Cellular Data back on. If you're concerned about data usage, you should probably just stop using Windows Phone. God knows what my phone was doing with already downloaded podcasts when I had cellular data turned on. 


  • Edge Browser Problem

    , MasterPi wrote

    I upvoted five issues reported in Feedback yesterday that had to do with this. There weren't a lot of votes, so maybe it shows up in very specific configurations?


    if (computerdomain = "testlab.microsoft.com")


      properly working code here


  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    Starting to miss my 1520 w/WP8.1 now. OneDrive auto upload used to literally be instantaneous. I'd take a picture with my phone and it was synced to OneDrive and down to my PC in just a few seconds.

    Now with this 950 w/Win10 it seems the auto upload function trickles the photos up to the cloud over the course of a couple of days -- when it gets around to feeling like doing it. A quick google search reveals I'm not alone.

    Stop breaking s**t..

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    My charging problem went away when I did a full reset/clear on the phone. I'd have thought this would be done at the factory :D  But I only need to charge once a day now.

    It also fixed the issue where it wouldn't update to the latest build (stuck at 0% forever).


  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    950 here. The "Putting on the finishing touches" has gone up to 10 seconds for me. That's when I can take pictures. Normally, it needs to be charged three times a day.


  • Dear Microsoft

    Not the setup I listed. You'd have to add a PVR backend. There are a few that work with Kodi (http://kodi.wiki/view/PVR_backend) but I haven't messed with any of them --  although MythTV has been around for a very long time. I just don't PVR so I've never tried it.

    The only other wrinkle I ran into with the setup above is with remote access - 2012 R2 Essentials still uses the funky remote access setup wizard from SBS 2011 and WHS which doesn't always work vis-a-vis certificate enrollment, domain activation, UPnP setup, etc. Plus the Windows Phone I had didn't support SSTP VPN, so I had to do some manual setup for IPsec VPN on the 2012 R2 box. 




  • Dear Microsoft

    • 2012 R2 Essentials in the basement w/Plex Media Server
    • HDHomeRun w/CableCard in the basement
    • Matricom G-Box Q Set Top box with Kodi on it in the living room talking to Plex and HDHomeRun
    • All your laptops get backed up wirelessly
    • Bonus: VPN into your house for secure Internet access when on public Wifi

    But yah, 2012 R2 Essentials is > $500


  • Does this page open for you in IE or any browser?

    Say what you want about Flash, but the reason it's so ubiquitous is because the vendor doesn't change their entire platform every two weeks.

  • Are you on Windows 10? Are you experiencing slow installs? Here's the deal...

    I'm not sure why windows 10 is slower in this respect, but Windows has done what the OP says at least as far back as Vista.

    That's not to say Windows 10 doesn't have problems ..just that the behavior described in the OP isn't new. Based on experience though, its not surprising that something that worked fine before is worse in a new version. That's just how Windows rolls.