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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • Surface phone

    , cheong wrote

    @Wodd: "which doesn't support Windows 10"? It comes with Win10M preinstalled! :O

    Btw, I owned the phone over half year now an have never experienced the said "1) Wi-Fi issues and 2) sporadic reboots" problems. These are the problems found on 950 but not 950XL.


    He was comparing the 950 to the Lumia Icon and specified that it was the Icon that doesn't support Windows 10. 

    My 950 reboots too. Probably because it gets as hot as the sun sitting on my desk doing nothing.

  • OneDrive problems

    , kettch wrote


    What if the internet is available, but is very slow? What if the internet is available, but the host at the other end isn't? What if there's an error that causes the upload to repeatedly restart? What if...?

    If you could guarantee that a shutdown would be delayed for a few seconds, or maybe a minute, I'd be fine with it. Otherwise, the reason I shutdown was so that my device will be available at the other end. You can finish the sync when I turn it back on.

    I don't think it's too much of a stretch to imagine that the real life analog of my pseudocode "if (Internet.Connected)" would likely be a bit more robust than my rant on a message board. Like, maybe it would check to see if the write target is actually accessible. Really, that particular objection is at the level of "How can solar power possibly power a town? The sun sets at night."  

    As far as "What if it's slow?"  If it's too slow to be workable, the user can turn the proposed optional feature off.


  • OneDrive problems

    , AndyC wrote


    You're sat on a train, make a few last minute edits to some documents for work but there's no internet or power. You need it when you get to your destination, so you save your document, hit shut down and throw it in your bag. When you get to your destination you take the oddly warm laptop out of your bag, see it failed to shut down and the battery is basically dead. You curse Microsoft for their stupid OS not doing what you told it to.

    Things blocking shutdown have repeatedly proved to be a really bad idea.

    Isn't that really the same argument Raymond Chen made though for why in early builds in Vista, they couldn't resolve the user's full name on the breadcrumb bar EVER because there was the possibility that the laptop would not be on the network and would cause Explorer to hang?

    Doesn't this objection really disappear with:

    if (Internet.Connected){ do the thing }else{ dont do the thing }endif


    ( ) "Delay Shutdown Until Files are Synced (Only when Internet is available)"



  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    But nearly all people will receive Centennial apps from the Microsoft Store. Which gives you a better promise of security. Microsoft isn't going to onboard any app that wants to be there. Its policies will dictate the qualification and reputation requirements.


  • another WM10 negativity thread.

    Sorry for not being up on the new way software is distributed/released, but I'm confused.

    If this is coming out in March -- does that mean the phone I bought from AT&T several months ago has a pre-release beta operating system on it?

  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    I never have a problem with the store using up my data, because every time I open the store it's got 5 updates stalled at zero percent.

  • WM10 hell.

    If any of those comments were indented, you probably wouldn't be able to read the right-hand side of the paragraphs in Edge mobile anyway, so a complete waste of data :(

  • WM10 hell.

    This morning, Microsoft's "Podcasts" app refused to play a downloaded podcast until I turned Cellular Data back on. If you're concerned about data usage, you should probably just stop using Windows Phone. God knows what my phone was doing with already downloaded podcasts when I had cellular data turned on. 


  • Edge Browser Problem

    , MasterPi wrote

    I upvoted five issues reported in Feedback yesterday that had to do with this. There weren't a lot of votes, so maybe it shows up in very specific configurations?


    if (computerdomain = "testlab.microsoft.com")


      properly working code here


  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    Starting to miss my 1520 w/WP8.1 now. OneDrive auto upload used to literally be instantaneous. I'd take a picture with my phone and it was synced to OneDrive and down to my PC in just a few seconds.

    Now with this 950 w/Win10 it seems the auto upload function trickles the photos up to the cloud over the course of a couple of days -- when it gets around to feeling like doing it. A quick google search reveals I'm not alone.

    Stop breaking s**t..