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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • XP mode support

    ^^^^ Last I checked, my company paid for XP Mode when we licensed the Enterprise version of Windows 7 because Microsoft said that was the way forward for applications that couldn't be upgraded. We're deploying it for three applications that absolutely still need to be used. XP Mode was part of the bill of goods we were sold when we bought 7. People who want support for "XP Mode" aren't asking for Microsoft to continue to support an over 10 year old operating system, they're asking for Microsoft to continue to support part of an operating system that is still being deployed and is under support. 

    IMO, you can't have it both ways. Companies paid more for Windows 7 licenses for this feature.


  • Amazon AWS

    All I know is that the streaming video portion of my Amazon Prime account has next to nothing as far as selection, and every thing I try to buy for some reason just happens to "not qualify" for Prime free shipping. So they're getting at least $70/year out of me for doing nothing.



  • Believe in better ...

    Why does Microsoft change the names of their products and services so often?

  • is it IE or GMail that is forcing me to use Chrome?

    , Hometoy wrote

    Why not just have multiple Users set in chrome.  It makes it easy to have multiple windows open, one for each account, at the same time and I haven't had a problem with it conflicting or crashing yet.

    Go to Settings >> Users >> Add new user

    Then you'll get an icon in the corner and click on that will allow you to select which account to have a window open for.

    Or you can have your account set up for multiple accounts and easily switch between them.  I like the multiple users option because it keeps things slightly cleaner but multiple accounts work well too.

    Manage multiple users on Chrome

    Sign in to multiple accounts at once


    I didn't know you could do this, that's cool. Thanks.

  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    , Bass wrote


    Well going back to DBVS's example. Let's say I want to manage software policy on a iPad using Active Directory, how do I do that? I don't have that much expirence with that, but I do have a little bit with making AD and GNU/Linux work nicely together. Authentication is possible, but support for GPOs certainly isn't seemless or built in. So why bother with that when you know, I could use a FOSS tool like Puppet or what not to manage machines in a more crossplatform manner?

    The the point is, managing using Microsoft tools is a seamless experience for Windows and other Microsoft software, but not so much for non-Microsoft stuff. Once you have a mixed environment, management using MSFT tools starts breaking down. If you want stuff that works well with non-Microsoft platforms, you have to look elsewhere. This also includes like MS Office too (which doesn't run natively on GNU/Linux). If you want true compatibility, you need to use something LibreOffice on both Windows AND GNU/Linux, and forsake MS Office entirely.


    There have been businesses making money integrating heterogeneous environments since the beginning and there's an entire industry built around implementing middleware to make disparate systems talk to each other, whether it's configuration management, single sign on, policy enforcement, or roles based security.

    The difference I typically see in this type of argument is that I like to buy and implement tested and supported** implementations instead of cobbling them together from various open source projects, making my infrastructure dependent upon the love life or health of a guy who wrote a script where he "got this to work" on his network. If the * hits the fan with a big single sign on integration piece between AD and about 50 applications, I want the vendor in the house, not a stupid wiki (read: wiki = users write the documentation!) that hasn't been updated since version X minus 10.

    **That's not to say that Microsoft supports their products well from an IT standpoint -- as far as Microsoft goes, 'support' nowadays basically amounts to a user forum filled with people who troubleshoot by dartboard, occasionally sprinkled in with some product MVPs who don't know anything about the product, and "support" moderators who ignore the posts they reply to and paste links to irrelevant knowledge base articles, e.g. "SQL crashes when I try to do a transaction log backup" , the response is a knowledge base article on how to create a backup. 

    Edit to add: but to your point -- the idea that it's difficult to integrate a Microsoft platform with non Microsoft platforms is really a bit far from the truth -- there's an entire industry that has been solving that problem since Windows 3.x. The integration problem you imagine is simply not the case. One need only to buy some software.

  • Can we kill XAML yet? or How CSS is becoming ​Turing-​complete

    I'm in IT operations and not development, thus I've only done small coding projects, so take this how you will, maybe I'm not up on all the tooling, but, as far as HTML/JS/CSS goes --- it seems to me that, on top of writing the actual code for an application, if I have to assemble a user interface by typing more code, hitting refresh, retyping code, hitting refresh again -- that can pretty much bite my *. Screw HTML5/JS/CSS.


  • Does Windows 7 have a 4 GB file size limitation?

    The Outlook PST file on any suit's laptop laughs at Nvidia's claim.

  • Gah - they've broken (changed) some features I like in Windows 8.1 :(

    , OrigamiCar wrote

    I can fix it by telling Windows that my touchscreen is my main monitor, but that causes the task bar, pinned icons etc to now be on my left monitor not on the middle monitor where I usually keep them.

    On Windows 7, I can drag the taskbar to the bottom of any monitor I want regardless of which is set as the "main" one. Is that gone?

  • Windows 8.1 Upgrade

    .NET replaced DLL hell with runtime hell.


  • Is there a way to make Skype smarter?

    There's likely no problem with your configuration. The entire instant messaging industry is apparently dumbfounded with confusion when they need to write code to determine which device the user is actually typing from and thus where subsequent responses should be routed. Happens with every IM program that allows login from multiple locations.