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Craig Matthews Craig_​Matthews Good News, Everyone!
  • Is there a way to make Skype smarter?

    There's likely no problem with your configuration. The entire instant messaging industry is apparently dumbfounded with confusion when they need to write code to determine which device the user is actually typing from and thus where subsequent responses should be routed. Happens with every IM program that allows login from multiple locations.


  • Google attempting their own Silverlight?

    I'm still having trouble coming to grips with a bookmark launcher opening a web page and calling that an "operating system running apps."


  • Anyone tried iOS7?

    ^^ I noticed the same behavior on my 4s. I'm not planning on upgrading my g/f's 4 any time soon for fear it will become very slow, but as jinx101 points out, her phone will eventually become a doorstop anyway, and it's less than 2 years old.

  • Anyone tried iOS7?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Kids are reporting that their iPod touches will not charge using the replacement cables (that worked OK under iOS6). 


    Is this a tactic from Apple to sell their own charging cables and squeeze out third party ones?

    Probably not because all my third party cables still work.

  • Direction of Desktop Apps

    For each boss's boss where I work, there are about three hundred customer service personnel, billing specialists, and collections workers (and there are many boss's bosses), each of which has two monitors, manipulating at least three applications at once with the leads having three monitors because they need to monitor call center status, automated billing processes, etc. (yes, newsflash: there are people in the world who have to constantly monitor things and thus need something on a screen all the time). 

    Every single one of these people doesn't know the difference between their three monitors and their towers and probably will forget their password by the time I go to work tomorrow. They sure as hell are power users, though, and there's no question that they utilize the full capabilities of desktop Windows.

    Folks need to stop thinking "power users" is another word for "computer science majors & IT administrators" - -especially since the "power users" are actually mostly in non-IT departments.



  • Small network IP best practices advice

    And as far as how to keep track of what static IP addresses are assigned outside the pool,most everyone I know uses a spreadsheet (Indeed, on mine I keep a list of my DHCP reservations on the same spreadsheet too).

  • Windows 8.1 Bug

    When you pin something to the taskbar, as far as I've been able to determine, the following happens (any Windows 7 Ent machine I've used)

    1. A brand new shortcut to the final target is created at %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar. <-- note: changing the icon here won't do jack. See #2.

    In the case of a dragging an exe or other non-shortcut file type, the default icon is used for the new automatically created shortcut. If, however, a shortcut is dragged to the taskbar, the brand new shortcut will have it's icon set to the icon that the original dragged shortcut was set to. 

    2. The target property of the new shortcut created in the folder above is merged into the binary value located at registry location HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Taskband\Favorites. The rest of the shortcut, including it's icon target is merged into the value FavoritesResolve.

    It appears that the Explorer (or Internet Explorer? the integration is a bit confusing and inconsistent) uses these registry keys to constitute the taskbar.


    If you want a custom icon for the taskbar button, create a shortcut on your desktop to the target, set the icon on the shortcut to what you want, then drag that shortcut to the taskbar. Then delete the shortcut from the desktop.

  • Android Trojans

    There will always be a trojan problem on Android phones as long as people keep tapping 'accept' when a flashlight app or game requests permission to 'access your contact list', 'make phone calls', and 'transmit information to the Internet.' 

    And Fandroiders who say this doesn't happen are liars.

  • Microsoft to Stop Master Level ​Certificati​ons

    Is there any sort of link or reference to this? This piques my curiosity as my rate of pay somewhat depends on certifications.

  • Someone in the options market knew a week ago that Ballmer was leaving

    Before you get too far, I just want to point out that the same reasoning was used to spread the belief that stock brokers were complicit in the 9/11 attacks. A random stock or option purchase implies nothing by itself, regardless of events going on. 

    I'm sure people in the markets were betting the stock price will rise, and others were betting it will drop, just like every single other day where people are buying and selling options, whether there's a CEO retiring or not.