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Cronan Cronan Ivan the Terrible
  • This Will Make You LOVE SPAM !

    A quick Google will give you a better idea of what has been tried, what is proposed, and the pros and cons of all options.


    All anti-spam solutions seem to fall into four categories: filters, reverse lookups, challenges, and cryptography. All have problems. From the links:

    "..Spam filters, while being viable options for identifying spam, do not prevent spam and require constant maintenance. Reverse-lookup systems attempt to identify forged senders but restrict email's usability by preventing host-less and vanity domains, and restricting mobile users' abilities to send email from anywhere at anytime. ...Challenge-response systems are only viable as long as they maintain a low profile, and computational challenges are unlikely to deter spammers. Cryptographic solutions, while accurately identifying forged email, do not easily expand to a global scale"

    It's nice that you're thinking of ways to stop spam, but a little research goes a long way ...

  • XP SP2 über patch already needs fixing

    The Register is a tabloid?!

    A newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material

    1. In summary form; condensed.
    2. Lurid or sensational

    (From http://dictionary.reference.com)

  • BOA/BML hoax

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?
    BOA and BML a hoax? The Boxter a hoax-meister?

    Mary Jo
    Dinner with Don

  • Japan's Channel 2 - A forum for venting

    Arrrr! Would you please let us know when a link requires registration? Smiley

  • Print Preview...

    If you think about it ...

    If Print Preview is a preview of how the selected driver will print the selected document ...
    And if no driver is installed ...

    What exactly are you going to preview?

    Can't really see how this is a bug ...

  • Inline routines

    For me, in a (good) modern language this sort of thing should always be left to the compiler or the jitter. Write good, clean code and rely on the quality of the compiler/jitter. Otherwise you may find that your optimisations themselves cause problems when a new version of the compiler (or jitter) is released.

    In .Net, inlining takes place in the JIT.

  • Inline routines

    .Net inlines everything it can
    Eric (Gunnerson) has blogged on this
    As has Rico Mariani

  • How to easily make Windows free: Idea?

    jamie wrote:
    i also change my machine hardware alot -
    * quickbooks just went through a whole big customer backlash over activation..  food for thought


    Product Activation is a pain. I agree. Some security is always more onerous than no security; it's all about striking a balance. For me, product activation is just a modern form of dongle; if software companies want to protect their product from theft, I have no problem with that. Does product activation cause me some pain? Yes, sure, just like logging on does ...

    You spoke about your privacy concerns. Now, the last time I looked, Microsoft probably has more attention on it than any other company in the world. How many people do you think regularly packet-sniff the data interchanges that happen during Microsoft product updates? Then interpret the data? Hundreds? More?

    How likely do you think it is that not one of them has picked up the transfer of identifying data during these updates? I think it can't be very likely at all. I like product updates. When I sell my own software I like the idea of protecting it from theft and unauthorised usage. There's only one time I ever felt nervous about getting online updates and that's when I didn't own the license to the software in question.


  • XBox 2

    A circuit diagram purporting to be of the XBox 2 showed up on a Chinese Website today ...


  • Framework Bugs

    I forgot the one that's causing the biggest issues for me now: The broken implementation of binding.