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Cronan Cronan Ivan the Terrible
  • Framework Bugs

    We've heard lots on this site about the cool new features in Whidbey, help, search, etc etc. I'd like to hear a little more about what kinds of framework bugs are due to be fixed in the next framework release. I'm thinking of things ranging from the small (Forms DataGrid turns off TopMost each time it refreshes) to the large (localisation issues with the DateTime).

  • "​My"

    Steven wrote:

    I'm actually on the My team ...


    I assume that anyone will be able to add this namespace and program against it?

  • "​My"

    cjbreisch wrote:
    ... It "dumbs down" VB again when I thought the whole point was to make all the .NET languages functionally equivalent.  ...

    I'm interested to know how you think adding a namespace changes the VB language specification. While I agree that the languages need to produce equivalent IL, I disagree that VB should strive to be C#. What made VB6 so successful was the degree to which it abstracted the complexities of COM development away. I agree, some mistakes were made, but making VB.Net an easier place for the "part-time" or "beginner" programmer to work cannot be a bad thing.

    Speaking as someone who has converted from VB6 to VB.Net to C# over the past 2 1/2 years, I don't agree with you.

  • Should we step up the video quality?

    I think quality is fine. A few of the latest postings have been quite bad, but I've had no problems up until then. Someone made a note about transcripts ... perhaps we (the community) could do this?

  • "​My"

    This is a great idea. Using it might be a little like recording a macro (back in the days).

    1. How do I do such-and-such?
    2. Find it in My
    3. Read the docs and find out which is the wrapped framework class
    4. Use the framework class in the future
    Anything that aids accessibility is a good thing, as long as it doesn't force everyone to do the same thing.

  • PINVOKE.NET - The Place to Win32 API Signatures

    Nice. I may add some later today - I've been suffering from PInvoke blues while implementing a DDE client in .Net, and this looks like a nice place to centralize knowledge on this.

    Pity someone didn't wake up and do this sort of thing years ago ... like MS, for example.

  • What would you ask the Tablet PC team?

    Voice recognition will only be an alternative to data entry by hand when it supports sub-vocalisation. Think of what the background noise in a big open-plan office will be with 20 idiots trying to use Dragon Dictate or something!

    Do we have anyone from the "wreck a nice beach" team here? Is sub-vocalization support planned? Considered?

  • The First Computer You..

    • Sinclair ZX80
    • 1 Kb RAM
    • Tape drive (i.e. my tape recorder)
    • Television as monitor
    • Plastic "flat" keyboard

    My father bought it for me when I was 12. I learnt BASIC and Z80A machine code.

  • Thanks Slashdot !

    Doesn't crash it - I'm replying using FireFox ...

  • Microsoft Object Spaces

    Oooer. Just found this.