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  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    Have been using Win 8 for 3 months now, since the date of its release. Here is what I would like to say:

    1. Although its Metro style looks great, It doesn't work on PCs and Laptops. It is understood that regular PCs and Laptops have reached to their end-of-time (life cycle). But is it possible to have a user selected view? Regular and Tablet METRO style?

    2. I'm missing the closing button for the built in applications.

    3. I installed some 3rd party application and all working fine. But what would happen if, as I usually do, installed a hundred applications or so? It will take me ages to go through the desktop METRO screen? Is there a way to categorize these applications into folders or categories?

    4. I'm logging in using my Hotmail account, what if I'm using a different email provider? Yahoo for example, or Gmail? Should I use only hotmail? What about email security?

    Anyway, keep the good work, the future is yours...


    1 - With one key (Windows), you can search app, setting, everything faster.

    2 - Just Drap mouse in the top to bottom to close Metro application.

    3 - This is the first time i hear some one install a hundred applications, any way just type the name of application in the start screen, you can find app more faster.

    4 - Just using 3rd mail client tools like Thunderbrid, Windows Live Mail

    hope help you.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    I do not think that W8 is better them Linux


    If you think so, use your LINUX Scared