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  • Microsoft Platform Vision in the Post Bill Era: Meet Craig Mundie

    rjdohnert wrote:
    Is this the Craig Mundie that Eric Raymond claims to have interrupted one of his presentations to declare himself Microsofts worst nightmare?  Great video guys, heard a lot about Craig its nice to finally "meet" him.

    Eric Raymond mentions during the film 'Revolution OS' that he encountered Craig in an elevator and said 'I'm your worst nightmare' - not quite the same as interrupting a presentation.

    Given Eric's Open Source evangelism I can understand why he might think that his views would conflict with Craig's at the time as Microsoft was hardly Open Source friendly and Craig coined the term 'viral' with reference to the GPL in his May 2001 anti-OSS speech.
  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    If the keyboard acts as a hub like I believe the original USB1 version did, it'll prevent you from using USB2 devices to their full capability if you plug them into the keyboard.

    Since the keyboard isn't using the full USB2 bandwidth I'd assume plugging it into a USB1 slot wouldn't have a detrimental effect. I run my USB 2 CD Burner on an old USB1 laptop and the only side effects I get are losing the ability to burn at high speeds.