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  • Meet the Photo Story 3 Team

    Hey guys. I bet Photo Story is a good product. I'm sure it does what you think it should do. However, you appear to have made a phenomenal mistake. Do any of you work on high res screens?! I have 3 LCD monitors running at 1280 x 1024 and guess what? The photostory window occupies about 1/4 of the monitor and THERE IS NO MAXIMIZE OR RESIZE capability!

    Let me say this... O M G !

    Come on people. Good heavens! Make it resizable, there just aren't that many controls on the form that would make it more than a day of work!!!

    Windows Movie Maker has no trouble with this.

    Nice try, looks good - through a microscope.
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    Oh, Lord. I look like one of those internet nerds I hate so much.  Male voice!!! Sorry.
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    The voice response system is remarkable for the quality of the mail voice. The inflections and pleasant speech patterns and tonality were superb. Almost too superb. I've never heard any speech synthesis system this good, ever, anywhere.

    I thought it was pre-recorded but then the voice repeated the name of someone being phoned. This is normally where speech synthesis switches over to the robotic voice for the text to speech. In this case the name was repeated back in the same voice as the rest of the interface.

    I suspect a little 'demo hanky panky'. Am I wrong?

    Otherwise a wonderful demo. I suspect the actual level of speaker-independent recognition and quality of synthesis is still 5 years away.