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  • Soma, Carol Grojean, Jeff Beehler: Visual Studio 2008 RTM!!!

    Congrats guys
  • Client-side Model-View-Presenter

    Thanks for the screencast, i'm going to take a closer look into Script#.

    Have you had a look at ProMesh.Net?

    I realise ProMesh is a server side MVC framework but still thought you might be interested in it...
  • Bill Buxton: Designing User Experience

    Great video, thanks

    nektar wrote:
    "I spend a lot of my time thinking ..." Indeed, it seems that in Microsoft there is a lot of (really lots of) thinking but ... little doing. You might be thinking about new innovative designs but it is Apple which produced the IPhone and not Microsoft. It is apple which produced the IPod and not Microsoft. It is Google which first produced the better interface to online maps and it is first Google which acquired and introduced the great 3d Google Earth software. And it is first Google which innovated on the web mail design interface and not Microsoft, all though it had lots of Hotmail users, years and research thinking time to    "think about it".Whilst, Microsoft Tablet PC has not been a success. Media Center has barely succeeded and its Media Extendors have been a complete failure. Xbox 360 is being outsold by the WEE partly because of the WEE's new type of motion-sensing controllers, although Microsoft had done lots and lots of user interface "thinking" before producing the 360. And what is happening with the once "innovative" SPOT technology? MSN Wrist Watches remember? Finally, Zune is still a joke and even incompatible with Microsoft's Plays for Sure, even one year after its release. Where was the "thinking" there?I am not saying that everything the competition does is better of course. But with these points I am trying to raise a simple and honest question that you should be able to answer: Where is all that thinking going? In other words: What is wrong with the company? Why does Microsoft appear       at least to fail where its competitors are successful?
    You raise some good points, why hide them?
  • So long, Adam Kinney...

    Congrats on your new job
  • Brian Beckman: A Brief History of Computing

    That was fun Smiley
  • Greg Leake: Stocktrader Demo, 1 of 3

    Minh wrote:
    You cut part 1 at a very interesting segment, Charles Hope to still see Greg on the flip side
    It was a pretty funny ending, there are two more parts to this. See if you can find them Wink
  • Greg Leake: Stocktrader - Overview

    I like the feeling of a conversation, after all that is what C9 is all about.

    I have been writing something similar to this application, it’s given me some great ideas, can't wait for the next video.
  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    I really enjoyed this video, Bill Hill is great.

  • Patrick Dussud: Garbage Collection - Past, Present and Future

    That was great, thanks guys.
  • Rich Williams: On Computational Ecology and Working at MSR

    Charles wrote:
    Cyonix wrote:
    Charles wrote:
    Chadk wrote:

    It seems to me like cambridge is where Microsoft puts all the smartest people, but a few of them(Erik Meijer, Anders H, etc).

    How many men vs. women is there, Charles?

    I don't know the gender breakdown, but it seemed to me that there are many more men than women... You will meet one of these women (a mathematician) in an upcoming interview from Cambridge. Computer Science is dominated by males of the species, but this will change over time.
    Great interviews, are there any videos coming where we "go deep" (white board, demos, etc) with some of the researchers?

    I guess it would be hard to do that sort of thing without exposing company secrets..

    Great videos regardless Smiley