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  • The Radio

    Haven't posted on C9 for a long time now... loving the new site

  • Proposal for Windows 8 - Application Scopes

    This sounds like a great idea. Although i agree with littelguru that backwards compatibility would present an interesting challenge.


    Perhaps old applications could keep the "Program Files" directory and a new directory called "Applications" could be created in the root folder.


    Or you could even have an "Applications" directory in both the root folder and the users folder. Then if an application like Google Chrome wants to only install for the user, it could do so without stuffing its self under AppData.

  • hello¡¡

    jamie said:
    SlackmasterK said:

    how did you do the 2 (ii)'s in the title - below the  text?

    (over and out)

    like this ¡¡


    hold Alt then press 0161

  • OMG! Bro's album is out

    zian said:

    The third track is really soft. Is it a bug with the media player on his website?

     I think it’s because it’s a video and recorded at a different volume. I'll let him know so his people can hopefully fix it.

    A louder version of the song is here: http://www.myspace.com/danielmerriweather

  • OMG! Bro's album is out

    Charles said:

    What's with this pattern of starting thread titles with OMG! ? Why did it start? From where did it emerge? What does it mean? What's going here? What's next?


    Like many before, the “OMG!” title starter was passed down through generation after generation until it was bestowed on me, it is thus my duty that I continue its tradition and bless this post with its might power.

    ... seriously though, I have no idea, I just felt the urge to conform

  • OMG! Bro's album is out

    jamie said:
    jamie said:

    ...its like Style Councel too ...   i like it alot

    especially the song with the girl rapper

    I’m pretty excited about it all. He has been saying he was going to release his album for the past 4 year’s haha

    You mean Water and a Flame (feat. Adele)?

    * goes to listen to Style Councel *

  • OMG! Bro's album is out

    Well my brother’s album is out in the UK, you can listen to the full album on his site www.danielmerriweather.com. Or you can buy it at 7digital (320bit mp3s yay). My favourite track on the album is: For You Money.

    I hope it does well, his singles did pretty well. The single “Red” got to 5th on the UK singles charts.

    What do you guys think?

    Edit: After W3bbo suggestion I’ve updated the title to conform lol

  • Hot patching

    I would also like to know the answer to this

  • Windows Server 2003 Dns Standard Practice

    Great, thanks for the help guys

  • Windows Server 2003 Dns Standard Practice

    It's a small to medium network with about 150 - 250 users. It has 2 domain controllers, both with dns. One of these domain controllers has an external dns server added to its NIC secondary dns servers as well as the two internal dns servers.

    My complaint to the network manager was that the external dns server could cause replication issues if the domain controller for some reason falls back to this external dns server.

    The more senior tech says that this is standard practice. To me this sounds very odd as Active Directory relies on dns to know who to talk to, so if the domain controller falls back to this external dns server the network is going to stop working.

    note, the external dns server is the ISP's dns server.