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  • Description of boxing (char) in Java

    Ah i see. I wish my teacher was able to explain it like this. He just seems to take my questions as a personal attack.

    Thanks heaps guys

  • Description of boxing (char) in Java

    Hey Everyone,

    I hope this is technical enough for the Techoff part off the forum.

    I just had an exam on OOP which is based on Java. The exam had a question as follows:

    char input = (char)System.in.read();
    Why is the (char) required before the System.in.read()?

    my answer is: To encapsulate the object that is returned by System.in.read() into a type that the program can understand.

    I got this question wrong. He couldn't tell me why i got it wrong but i did.

    Am i wrong? This teacher seems so uncertain about his subject i would really like a second opinion.

    Thanks for any input,

    Jonathan Merriweather

  • Thread safe custom collections

    I have done as you have suggested Raj, i have tried to make a synchronized IList<T>. Can someone read this over for me? Smiley

    the code is at: http://www.elexoft.com/SyncCollection.txt


    Jonathan Merriweather