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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    I for one despise touch screen apps on a desktop system.  Microsoft learn from Apple's "Vista" with their recent release of OS X Lion.  There are fanboys who drool over it but the general opinion of it is that their attempt at an iOS style interface on the desktop is crap.  I agree with that totally.

    When I sit at my desktop I expect to use software with the options and capabilities that I expect.  A touch based app outside of special applications like ebook readers and such can't deliver the performance of something like Mathematica.  Yes you can make an interface with HTML5/JS for it but it's never going to match the native interface.

    There seems to be this big push to dumb down interfaces that I think is doing more harm than good.  I agree there is a lot to be done to make an interface intuitive but it shouldn't be at the cost of usability for more capable users which seems to be happening more and more and I'll use Apple's (again, but they are historically very good with the UI) flop with Final Cut Pro X.  They tried to dumb it down and as a result left out things that the professionals expected and needed.

    HTML5 and Javascript have no place as the focus of a UI on a desktop and especially not on a workstation where I've paid for and expect every ounce of performance and multitasking abilities it can give me.  I don't want unnecessary crap like touchscreen UIs on my workstation.  I want developers focused on developing fast usable software, not limited apps in languages that should never leave a browser.