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DCMonkey DCMonkey What?!?
  • Office 2003 Help

    Using Excel as example:

    Click Help->Microsoft Excel Help
    Click "Table of Contents" under the search box in the help task pane

    As for the What's this behavior, it looks like it is being deprecated in Windows Vista anyways so maybe you won't have to deal with it in the future.

  • Office 12 or Google Office Toolbar

    PocketXP wrote:
    >> What does this have to do with an Office Suite?

    How does this not have to do with an Office Suite?

    What is your definition of an Office Suite?

    Is your efficiency interfering with your effectivenes?


    It doesn't require a new lightweight office suite which is what you originally claimed (or claim that it was implied that) Google and Sun are going to create. OpenOffice.org is 12+ million lines of C++ code and some Java for new features like the database. It includes it's own object embedding system and GUI library. What exactly sounds lightweight about that? Are users going to be expected to download huge binary plugins for each function (spreadsheet, WP, presentation)? Will Google and Sun be sued by Eolas for violating their plug-in patent? Or are Sun and Google going to write a new Java Office suite from the ground up? That's worked so well before.

    I find it far more likely that there will be a Google branded OpenOffice.org in it's current heavyweght desktop application form. Let's look at how your list of features would fit into that.

     - remote storage: Ms already has Sharepoint integration and will be deepening that integration in future versions. One aspect of that is allowing one to save and open documents directly from SP document libraries. I could definitely see Sun modifying OO.org to allow storage in a Google hosted SP equivalent.

     - online calendar: Last I checked. OO.org didn't have a calendaring app. This would be just the rumored web based gCalendar. I don't know how you would integrate it with a dekstop app. Perhaps via iCal files.

     - online word processor: To make it "online" you'd have to either wrap OO.org in a giant plugin for dubious benefit or write a lightweight WP from scratch in Java.

     - online spreadsheet: Same as WP

     - rich search:adsfsdf


    I dont' care, but I spent too much time typing in what I did.

  • Office 12 or Google Office Toolbar

    PocketXP wrote:

    Please see the article that I referenced:

    However, Sun president Jonathan Schwartz implied that Web-based business productivity functions certainly are in the picture.

    "You'll see an increasing dissolve in the boundary between consumer and work applications," Schwartz said.

    Implied in an article does not equal "as stated in their press release", but let's run with that implication in a subsequent post.

  • Office 12 or Google Office Toolbar

    PocketXP wrote:
    As stated in the recent Google/Sun press release, they are working on a lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office.

    The press release says no such thing.



  • Sick with Internet

    Well, you could log into WoW, and let the p2p patch (1.8 was released yesterday) download utility run all day for the benefit of other players Smiley


  • Microsoft and RealNetworks settle

    W3bbo wrote:
    WMP won't let you save Streams though

    There is that. Does the Free QTP let you do that?

    W3bbo wrote:

    You can disable the trayicon and background process easily. As for co-opting extensions, I haven't experienced any problems with that myself.
    I know the savvy user can avoid both issues. I'm more irked by the defaults.

    W3bbo wrote:

    Although I use Quicktime Pro, but I understand there are a number of "patches" that remove the nag-screens from Quicktime.

    Yeah, I know there is some clock setting hack workaround, but I find it easier to just avoid viewing QT videos whenever possible.

  • CNET - Best & Worst Technologies of Past 10 Years

    Manip wrote:
    Where does it say on the site that the lists are only inclusive of the past ten years?

    "10 worst products of the decade"


  • Microsoft and RealNetworks settle

    W3bbo wrote:

    I also dislike WMP's streaming behaviour. WMP, unlike Quicktime, makes virtually no distinction between "play whilst download" and "proper streaming". Thus, dumbing everything down.

    I actually find that a quite annoying aspect of Quicktime. If I click on a link to a .mov, all I get is a "downloading" message in the status bar of IE with no indication of progress. In WMP I get streaming, even if the server isn't set up for it. On the odd chance that I want to save the video, I can right click and save it.

    That and the nag screen, no full screen view (I like that I can doubelclick on embedded WMP videos like the ones here on c9 and get full screen. I can't do that with QT), and the self-important need to co-opt extensions and plant another useless tray icon, drive my dislike for Quicktime.

  • MicroSoft & Real - Real Friends Now ;-)

    Good. Maybe now Real can do some codecs for WMP so I don't have to soil my PC with RealPlayer.

  • 20 Vista/LH SKU's?

    jamie wrote:

    its interesting that there is no Ultimate Edition N

    so europe only gets

    Windows Vista Home Basic N

    Windows Vista Pro Standard N

    anyone wanting everything gets media player
    * it makes sence cause ultimate means everything -but i bet the eu will complain as most people will want ultimate

    I was under the impression that one had a choice of N or the regular version in the EU.