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DCMonkey DCMonkey What?!?
  • PNC bank using ASP.NET to run ATMs?

    I've seen the red X that IE shows when it can't download an image on my ATM

    I believe our phone system runs OS/2

    And remember, Diebold also makes ATMs! Expressionless

  • Slashdot hates Visual Studio

    Ctrl+W<spacebar> on a variable will bring up the autocomplete list with the variable selected and the tooltip you get from hovering the mouse over the variable next to it.

  • base.google.​com

    I wonder if:

    a) One of the attributes you can give a custom item is a relationship to another custom item.

    b) One could tag or otherwise organize existing created by others items according to one's own needs.

    c) If there will be an API so that one could write a WinFS sync adapter for Google Base.

  • VS2005 Standard = ​"​streamlined​" UX

    I just about had a #^%&fit but it appears that VSTO is still included in Visual Studio 2005 Professional with MSDN Professional Subscription according to this page:

  • Can WMP do this?

    From here:

    Set objPlayer = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX" )

    Set objPlaylists = objPlayer.PlaylistCollection
    Set objAll = objPlaylists.getByName("Dire Straits Playlist")
    Set objList = objAll.Item(0)

    For i = 0 to objList.Count - 1
        Set objSong = objList.Item(i)
        Wscript.Echo objSong.Name

    Modify the echo line to suit. Write it to a file even.

  • Microsoft shows off new Vista features

    I guess it depends on what the "core" of the MS AntiSpyware functionality means. IT could mean that just some basic spyware behavior prevention/detection stuff will be included as well as an API to let AntiSpyware software integrate into the security center. They could then charge for signature updates with OneCare (or you could use third party software).

    The fact that there is an AntiSpyware item in the Vista security center doesn't mean that it is only for MS's AntiSpyware. Remember that the Antivirus monitoring item just above it already exists in XP sp2 and works with 3rd party AV software.

  • What music are you listening to?

    I tend to listen to whole albums (or as much as I can fit in to and from work) at a time. The last five I listened to in part or in whole were:

    Rollins Band: Come In and Burn
    Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights
    Cowboy Junkies: Lay It Down
    Hooverphonic: A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
    Soundgarden: Down on the Upside

    (edit: I can't count)

  • Apple's Vingle? Huh?

    They're filing for a trademark not a patent.

  • Office 2003 Help

    Using Excel as example:

    Click Help->Microsoft Excel Help
    Click "Table of Contents" under the search box in the help task pane

    As for the What's this behavior, it looks like it is being deprecated in Windows Vista anyways so maybe you won't have to deal with it in the future.

  • Office 12 or Google Office Toolbar

    PocketXP wrote:
    >> What does this have to do with an Office Suite?

    How does this not have to do with an Office Suite?

    What is your definition of an Office Suite?

    Is your efficiency interfering with your effectivenes?


    It doesn't require a new lightweight office suite which is what you originally claimed (or claim that it was implied that) Google and Sun are going to create. OpenOffice.org is 12+ million lines of C++ code and some Java for new features like the database. It includes it's own object embedding system and GUI library. What exactly sounds lightweight about that? Are users going to be expected to download huge binary plugins for each function (spreadsheet, WP, presentation)? Will Google and Sun be sued by Eolas for violating their plug-in patent? Or are Sun and Google going to write a new Java Office suite from the ground up? That's worked so well before.

    I find it far more likely that there will be a Google branded OpenOffice.org in it's current heavyweght desktop application form. Let's look at how your list of features would fit into that.

     - remote storage: Ms already has Sharepoint integration and will be deepening that integration in future versions. One aspect of that is allowing one to save and open documents directly from SP document libraries. I could definitely see Sun modifying OO.org to allow storage in a Google hosted SP equivalent.

     - online calendar: Last I checked. OO.org didn't have a calendaring app. This would be just the rumored web based gCalendar. I don't know how you would integrate it with a dekstop app. Perhaps via iCal files.

     - online word processor: To make it "online" you'd have to either wrap OO.org in a giant plugin for dubious benefit or write a lightweight WP from scratch in Java.

     - online spreadsheet: Same as WP

     - rich search:adsfsdf


    I dont' care, but I spent too much time typing in what I did.