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  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    Guys, I'm current C# user and I use a lot of threading code especially when it comes to delegating on multiple cores. I would like to use my democratic voice to influence some of your decisions, hopefully! Wink I had many projects in my past year where I had to write code that interfaces with hardware such as application that was using C# driver and wrapper around Canon’s digital camera SDKs. I managed to write code in pure C# (of course a lot of it was unsafe and with pointers, but still in C#). Let me tell you something… If it wasn’t for the currently available mechanism in C# when it comes to threading, I mean, the way I create, control, and synchronize the threads and so on I would not be able to do what I’ve done in the past year, especially driver for 60+ models of different cameras in pure C#… The control and power that I have over my threads was phenomenal I just hope you won’t take this away.

    Also, I’m closely watching COSMOS ( project and because of the some “high-level” features it is not yet possible to emit directly into machine code, so netwide assembler is used. I hope that you guys would think about bringing those kinds of features into C# also the ability to talk to hardware directly without any 3rd party APIs and I know it is possible now at some level because I’ve done it with digital cameras through USB but one day I’d like to see a jet flying with C# OS instead of Ada written code…. Please add more cool low level features, I love C# more than C/C++ and I would like to see more stuff like that happening. If they can write a control panel ( in DotGNU for a laser in Europe why can’t we have more for system programming in current official C# distributions?

    J/K >- Hi! My name is "Blank" and I’m a C# addict, I WANT MORE LOW LEVEL FEATURES in C#!