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Working on Windows Embedded at Microsoft.
I was born in and grew up in England and worked at Microsoft in Redmond since 1995. For much of that time I worked as a Program Manager on Internet Explorer then as a technical evangelist on Longhorn. I then returned to the Internet Explorer team for IE7. In my spare time I love to spend time with my young family and have a passion for old Jaguar cars.


  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 1

    brokeMyLegBiking wrote:

    I downloaded ie7 on the recommendation and excitement of this video. But I'm disappointed in the frequency of crashes.

    When will the final relase be available? I hope they are still working to improve ie7's stability?

    If you are having stability problems with IE7 we recomend you disable addons. Frequent crashes are often caused by old addons that need to be updated.

  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 4

    Helen_Massy wrote:
    Hi Uncle david very cool site just having a look around saw it in your i.m personal message Thought i would drop by
    Love to all
    Helen xx

    Hi Helen,

    Love to all the family back home Smiley

    Uncle David

  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 4

    littleguru wrote:
    Rowan wrote: Did you know IE doesn't support something as simple as the Q tag?

    That's very interesting. Such things should have made it into IE7... I'm curious why they didn't.

    The Q tag, completing CSS2.1 and HTML support are high on our list for future versions. As we've said many many times we did not have time to get to everything in this release and focused on the issues that would have real impact for web developers. Some of the things that we didn't get to might sound easy but it all takes time to test, review and document.

    CSS and (X)HTML were not deliberately left out of any of these videos. This was as Charles pointed out a random walk of the hallways. There are plenty of other changes in the product that we did not get to discuss with people working on those areas either such as OpenSearch, Addons, Printing, Developer Toolbar, etc. etc.

  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 4

    Rowan wrote:
    I've seen all the videos related to IE now.

    I couldn't sit through that CSS video you linked to because I just don't share the same level of excitement about a box that behaves as you would expect it to in any normal browser.

    It wouldn't have hurt to walk into Chris Wilson's office to have a chat about both (X)HTML and CSS improvements, that's the only thing I care about with IE afterall.

    These videos were otherwise great though, you managed to cover a huge range of topics and we have a better idea of who's working on IE.

    What is it that you want to ask Chris that hasn't already been addressed more than a few times on the team blog?

    The answers from the team on this have been very consistent over the last year or so and I touched on some of the CSS work at the start of the first video. We know there's more work to be done for CSS in particular and fully expect to get to it in future versions. The feedback you give us really helps us prioritise the work ahead.

    We can certainly try and get Chris the next time the Ch9 camera comes over.

  • IE7: CSS Support?

    schrepfler wrote:
    I'd have two more questions. First is wheter controls like the drop down still hover over div's and second is are you already writing code for CSS3 in order to support if from day one or will we have to wait years to adopt it (we'd love columns support and round borders as well)?

    Also it'd be very nice to know the MS stance on supporting SVG integrated in the browser (just open this with latest firefox) and MathML support?

    That said we'd like to see MathML support on the TabletPC power pack if anyone is listening. Ink + Math = Millions of students taking notes that have some meaning and that buy TabletPC's. Hello, is anyone listening?

    Hi schrepfler,
    First question - Yes there is a new implementation of the select element in IE7 See This means it will honor the z-index set rather than ignore it and render on top of other elements as it did previously.

    Second question - We've committed to regular and frequent releases of IE moving forward and some CSS3 is already being implemented such as selector work which was logical to do while we were doing CSS2 selector work.

    On MathML support there is an excellent extension available called MathPlayer developed by Design Science experts in Math and MathML.

  • Rob Franco and team - IE 7 Security

    The CDCer wrote:
    It's great that you guys are working hard on security issues, but it's equally important to fix IE bugs. The z-index bug is a well know CSS bug since IE 4 or 5 nearly a decade ago with no easy cross-platform workaround, and it looks that the IE 7 team are still not aware of the problem. Please read <a href=''>A brutal solution to the IE z-index bug</a> for more details and try to fix it. the world can't afford to fight with the bug for another 10 years! Speaking about bugs, here is another one: While poking around MSN, I did a search for <a href=''>MSN sucks</a>, and found a grand total of 49 pages! Yes, you heard it right, it's 49 pages, not 49K. As you can imagine, there is no way that I could trust that number, so I immediately <a href=''>checked with Google</a> and got over 2 million results, and the <a href=''>same search by Yahoo!</a> reports 3.7 million! But wait, it got much worse! Please read <a href=''>Bug or censorship in MSN search</a> for the whole story. These issues cost the industry countless hours of lost productivity (100s of millions hours per year by some estimation) and really make Microsoft look so incompetent and evil in the eyes of geeks.

    Hi CDCer,
    The IE team has been very well aware of the z-indexing issue with the select element. If you read the blog post from Chris Wilson on the IE team blog at you'll see that this is on the list of issues being addressed in IE7.

  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    TDavid wrote:
    Has anybody put up a link to where the RSS extention spec is at yet? Did I just miss something obvious? Dean said it would be available at noon today, which I assumed was noon PST.


    Take a look at