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  • UWP-024 - Hamburger Heaven Challenge: Solution


    The back button automatically works the way you want.  It will go back any number of pages.  Prove it yourself by hitting your two pages repeatedly: Financial / Food / Financial / Food ...

    Then the back button will traverse backward through ALL of those pages.

    This assumes you're using the back navigation correctly, as described in UWP19.

  • Expert to Expert: The Basics of SmallBasic

    Me (to daughter):  Did you do any more chapters in the Small Basic tutorial?
    Daughter:  Yes, Daddy, I have a program that will say "Good Morning" if it's the morning, and "Good Evening" if it's night.
    Me:  That's great, honey!
    Daughter:  Also, if you type in a word, it will display the definition.
    Me:  What??!!  [with lots of confusion and a bit of disbelief]  Was that in the same chapter???
    Daughter:  No.  I was just playing around.

    She showed me the program, and the Dictionary keyword.  I had to disable networking and see it quietly fail (returns nothing for definition) before I could believe it was web-service based dictionary.

    Congrats on thinking out of the box and including a web-service enabled uber-function as the 12th most important keyword.
    My daughter and I are *both* learning what programming is!