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Dan Fernandez Dan
  • Mike Klucher: XNA Framework games running on Zune

    wisemx wrote:
    Very cool.

    Dan...How do you cause your video subjects to start each sentence with "So"?

    Off topic, but so true Smiley

    Alas it's a Microsoft thing, I have no idea why, but most conversations at Microsoft start with "So"....

    For amusement, I did a Live search on "So" at blogs.msdn.com and there are 968,000 results (lots are duplicates though) with everyone doing this from Larry Osterman, the VSTS Process blog, the Sharepoint blog, Tim Sneath, or even the Jobs Blog.

    If I had the time, I'd go through and snip a bunch of execs and C9 interviews with just the word "So".
  • FeedSync: Synchronizing the Mesh

    DCMonkey wrote:
    Um, it's playing a "This Week" video.

    My error, the streaming and large download links were pointing to the wrong video...copy/paste bug in-between two browser tabs when posting, sorry!
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 25th Episode

    odujosh wrote:
    Elephant in the room:
    I have watched a few videos on Live Mesh. No one has talked about how collaboration will work with Live Mesh. If Odujosh and Charles are both editing a document on the mesh online how is merging handled.

    What if we both edit the same sentence without checking for a synch. How is the interactivity scenario for this handled.

    I didn't think to bring this up during the show, but EricRempel asked the same question and Ori from the Live Mesh team responded here, which I'll copy/paste below.

    The mesh synchronization infrastructure essentially detects conflicts at the DataEntry level – so in the case of file synchronization, this happens at the file file/metadata level.  While the system is able to resolve conflicts “automatically” if needed, in general it leaves the conflict resolution logic to the application layer.  For example, using the scenario you describe below where “two users are working on something and one saves right before the other” – the mesh user experience (e.g., Live Folders) will prompt the user with information about the two conflicting files and allow the user to select how they would like to resolve the conflict.  This approach enables applications which are able to handle conflicts at different levels to apply the appropriate logic for their users.  In other scenarios where multiple users may be editing different DataEntries within the same Feed in the system – the system will automatically apply merge semantics for the changes.


  • Ray Ozzie: Introducing Live Mesh

    RichardRudek wrote:
    I don't know why Dan doesn't post the low res link, [but here it is] 131.6MB.

    I right-click then choose save as file.


    I normally don't think to do it for content that's less than half an hour long, but I should probably just do it for all videos I post.
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 17th Episode

    Bas wrote:

    That's pretty cool, it'd be sort of a variation of the clip recording tool we (used to?) have. Except a bit more useful. It'd be great if you guys could pre-tag them with 'chapters', because as you said, especially in some of the longer videos you sometimes just want to see the demo or whiteboarding to see if whatever the video is about is of interest to you.

    Definitely agree on pre-tagging, the only other thing I would want is URI-based tagging so that way I can email/IM someone a URL that would start on a specific tag.
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 17th Episode

    Bas wrote:
    Nice episode as always, guys.

    I know the dev team is probably swamped with work, but I still have a feature request for the video player that would be especially handy for TWOC9 episodes...

    Thing is, I love the fact that you guys mention the various topics discussed in the video and list the times, but skipping to them is a bit awkward. When you drag the progress..slider..thing on the player, the timer freezes, and doesn't get updated until you release. So you have to sort of guess where, for instance, 5:26 is on the time bar, drop the slider there, see where you ended up, and then adjust until you're at the right spot.

    One 'simple' way of fixing this would be to update the timer on the video while you're dragging the slider around, so you can see the exact point where you drop it.

    A cooler way, though, would be supporting chapters. The TED videos have this, for instance. It'd be sweet if all the different topics you mention in the post would be separate chapters, and the next chapter/previous chapter buttons in the player would allow you to skip to them. (I have no idea what those buttons do now, by the way. They seem to just skip two minutes ahead/back?)

    I agree with you WRT being able to jump around within a video. I personally think this would be good for all videos as a lot of time someone just wants to see the demo or just the whiteboarding, etc.  Viddler.com has a very cool player that JeffSand turned me on to, check out :

    It's player has a way for *anyone* to tag a timeline and description for something interesting in a video. This would be great for us and for fellow C9'ers to be able to tag parts of a conversation or demo that they found interesting.

  • This Week on Channel 9: April 17th Episode

    dentaku wrote:
    The aspect ratio of the video is wrong (unless everyone got slightly wider since last week).

    I had a bunch of problems with Premiere and Movie Maker last night and I couldn't get MM to open the produced AVI file despite the fact that it played fine in WMP. After multiple attempts, I had to end up working through Camtasia (a screen-recording tool) to encode the file and that's where it got borked up as it didn't seem to use the source video's settings.

    I'm hoping this is just a minor blip and I won't have this issue again...
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 4th Episode

    DukeNukem wrote:
    Dan wrote:
    Not exactly, the surface just reads a barcode for whatever hardware or product is put on top of it. That being said, Bluetooth communication and/or wireless should be possible if someone wanted to build something with a little more direct connection on Surface.

    So they just put a barcode sticker on the back of the device and service reads that ? Or how does it work exactly ?

    There must be some connection if you want to drag and drop songs to a phone, no ?

    I think the dragging/dropping of songs onto a phone was demoware meaning I don't think AT&T or Surface has built anything beyond prototypes of that yet. I could be mistaken though and they could be further along here.
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 4th Episode

    Not exactly, the surface just reads a barcode for whatever hardware or product is put on top of it. That being said, Bluetooth communication and/or wireless should be possible if someone wanted to build something with a little more direct connection on Surface.
  • This Week on Channel 9: April 4th Episode

    Yeah, we'll probably have a goofy show every now and then (Halloween, April Fools Day, Holidays), maybe we should label them in the title so people know we're going to be a little less newsy and a bit more...pointless:P