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  • MVVM Best Practices

    @Brian Lagunas: That's awesome! I am looking forward to them all, "Practical Prism" in particular...

  • MVVM Best Practices

    @Brian Lagunas: You mentioned that you were working on this massive MVVM-type app with hundreds of views. Is it open-source by any chance? If yes, would you share a link? If not, would you be able to share the wisdom you've gathered in creating and maintaining it?... a PluralSight course perhaps :)

  • MVVM Best Practices

    @JanKratochvil: I am with you and Robert on this as well. I think there should be a VS debugger option to "treat XAML binding exceptions as errors" or something...

  • MVVM Best Practices

    @Brian Lagunas: Thanks for bringing up and clarifying the dos and don'ts of ViewModel base classes (and backing them up with good reasons) - those were of great value to me! More of these please :)

    @LeeCampbell: Excellent point. I would very much like to see those questions answered as well.

    In addition to that, I would like to see more real-world end-to-end scenarios/user-stories instead of the usual "Hello MVVM" entry-level stuff. Specifically, scenarios where:

    • If models (business entities) arrive from an existing library or via a WCF service, should they be exposed directly or stay behind a Facade ie Person->PersonFacade->ViewModel property
    • What about commands vs behaviors and using Blend to hook things up
    • Most of my entities need to go through business rules for validation - what are best practices for implementing those within the MVVM model (data annotations/value converters/ViewMode methods/behaviors/code behind). 
    • Most of my Views are user controls that are isolated from each other but still need to communicate and share state (either with their host or between each other)... are there best practices around that? 

    Would definitely appreciate these topics being covered in next installment of "MVVM Best Practices"