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I'm the lucky group manager who represents the Microsoft Information Protection platform team. Our team uses this account to publish the good work we're doing in the information protection space.

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  • Enabling RMS Everywhere (03.2013)

    @Jonathan Allin: They are quite different things. In brief once could say that AWS CloudHSM is an IaaS HSM offer for key storage. Customers of AWS (or Azure) could use CloudHSM to host their keys. Azure AD RM is a full information protection SaaS offer that includes an HSM SaaS offer within the broader offer. 

    Let me know if there was a particular nuance of the question that you're after.


  • Enabling RMS Everywhere (03.2013)

    @ClementCazalot: Thanks!

  • Solution Provider Webinar -- Demo 2


    Hi Bangst,

    No, all the new SDKs required the cloud infrastructure. There's a lot of context on why in the 'full recording' but the short of it comes down to the collaboration flows and trust federation. What you are actually logging into here is the Azure AD that is DirSync'd to your organizations AD. By setting it up this way you can now securely share RMS protected content to anyone, anywhere. We'll also be adding MS Account (aka LiveID) and other popular identity systems (Gmail, Yahoo, maybe LinkedIn, etc).