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  • Anders Hejlsberg - Programming data in C# 3.0

    Hi all, have to agree with wOOdy on this one...

    Microsoft people these days, just try to solve everything with new programming languages, or exotic syntaxes, etc... Never really thinking deep enough about what they are doing, I know you are all very smart people (I hope, at least that is why I bought MSFT stock J ) but adding 10 new features per year on a language should not be the goal, addressing the issues that developers are having problems with, thinking ahead of the curve predicting new problems and spending more time planning than implementing, is what I want from a language vendor, not a new version every 12 months, with more “tricks” to be learned, that wore not properly addressed in previous versions.


    I want issues solved not arisen, by my programming languages.
    The real issues don't need to be solved with programming languages, no C#, J# whatever# or Cw, can fuse two very different ways of managing data.
    Most problems people are facing today will not be solved by new languages nor mixing syntaxes, and I must say that the idea of C# 3.0 being some sort of super-glue (OO/SQL) is very appealing... initially.
    Still, if you think about it for a little wile, that means new and esoteric syntax to be learned, the first version will probably be very limited, it will be very messy, and of course a new version of SQL server will have to be adopted, a new standard will have to be approved so that the other SQL database vendors can be compatible, etc... It will be a very big mess and you know it.


    C# 3.0 Super-Glue, has a higher probability of being a problem than a solution, (added complexity for sure, "oh no COM/COM+ all over again").

    Instead you should improve on proven solutions (TOOLS) Visual FoxPro, is a great tool, developing the proper tools in my opinion is the way MS, SUN, etc... Should be going, pass the Imperative, go Declarative, but use the proper tools to make Declarative a proper developer ecosystem.


    IMHO new, innovative, better tools is the way to go.

    Oh boy, I let myself get a little carried away, sorry for the long post. But I believe those building new tools that make the developer life easier, and enable him to be more productive, more creative, and simply more fun will be the winners.

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    DAniel MD