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  • Daniel Pearson: Debugging a Windows Blue Screen of Death

    Mark's video goes into more deal about the requirements for a successful dump but at a bare minimum you should create a 16 MB paging file on the same partition that Windows is installed and set the system to perform a small memory dump. That way once you triage the minidumps, you'll be able to determine if it's the same problem causing all of the bugchecks or if another action plan needs to be followed.

    If you find it's your display driver causing the problem and it's not something the vendor has seen before, it's possible you'll need to provide them with a kernel memory dump. In that case you'll need to increase the size of the paging file on your boot partition and switch your options to kernel memory dump.
  • Daniel Pearson: Debugging a Windows Blue Screen of Death

    Unfortunately your only real option is to attach a kernel debugger to the system and wait for it to crash again. If it's only just started happening and is rather frequent then I would suspect some sort of hardware error but get a debugger attached and we'll get some answers.