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Daniel Egan

Niner since 2010

  • Game On Virtual Event: (Part 6) Add Advertising to your Game

    To clarify,  It IS possible to add advertising with the Standard Version. 

    On the free version it has certain limitations listed at the bottom of this page


    one of them lists --Developer Services Portal

    Among other things this includes advertising.  So you would need to upgrade to the Standard Version $49.00 for advertising on Windows 8.

  • Game On Virtual Event: (Part 7) Get Help


       He is "always running" because of his sprite. If you open up sprPlayerRunning and click on Edit Sprite you will see all of his positions.  Click on the Show Preview and you will see him running.

    You can stop the running by swapping out the sprite with one that is static... or in a standing motion (swaying back and forth).

    In addition to this, you will find when you open the room, a background tab.  Each background has a different speed and is tiled horizontally.  This gives the illusion of movement.  ( a negative number will move to the left)


    Hope that helps.


  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch

    Hi Samaj,

        In case you did not find mine... its @DanielEgan