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We are not  Windows developers because we love Windows. We put up with Windows so we can use C#, F# and VS2010.  I've considered changing the platform many times. What stops me each time is the goodness that keeps coming from devdiv.  LINQ, Rx, TPL, async  - these are the reasons I'm still on Windows. I don't want stinking javascript to become my development platform. I'd rather do Android and Java.

I completely agree. It is the great development environment that makes windows the OS of choice.
If it wasn't for the .NET platform I would have made the switch to Linux ago.

Microsoft must dare to start talking about the future of .NET including WPF and Silverlight.


Make sure to do as Bojan suggested and  raise your voices on Silverlight's official feature-request forum: http://dotnet.uservoice.com/forums/4325-silverlight-feature-suggestions/suggestions/1894125-main-language-for-the-windows-8-development?ref=title